How Can Online Learning Connect With Performance

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How Can Online Learning Connect With Performance

“According to LinkedIn, 15 percent of people using a learning network are only using it for learning, 15 percent are using it for professional development, and 20 percent say it is primarily for career development.” — Joseph L. Carter, Senior Research Scientist, Career & Economic Development, U.S. Department of Education, Los Angeles, Calif. (USDA)

Many professional companies have expansive learning communities which help attract and retain top talent. For many companies, face-to-face workshops and training for new recruits is expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. Many employees see online learning as a great alternative and increasingly the training is tailored towards career advancement. Millennials and Gen Z, who grew up in a world of technology, are taking the lead with online learning, surpassing Baby Boomers and Baby Boomers, who have been more traditional and prefer a hands-on approach to learning.

Because generations do not necessarily have comparable views on learning styles, study approaches, and so on, organizations are adapting their online learning programs so that they can satisfy the needs of employees of all generations. Social skills are a vital part of student learning, and today’s jobs are highly connected to social media, so using social media for leadership development is key. Social media and online video communication help connect organizations with their employees. While many colleagues, especially Millennials, often feel disconnected, “we can feel more connected to those people who have the same views about social,” said Laurie Marion, Interim Executive Director for Career Services, Conrad N. Hilton & Sons Foundation. By forming a social relationship, it helps people feel engaged. “Younger people who feel disconnected are usually the ones who have the most to gain from learning with us,” said Josh Markman, Founder and CEO of Procon, Inc., a learning, development, and consulting firm for higher education.

Online Learning Strategies for Senior Recruitment

You can increase engagement by scheduling a meeting time to synchronize online learning and face-to-face meetings, which enables millennials to speak with older employees and understand their needs.

Download topics from 4 Myths About Video Recruitment, led by video recruiters and veterans.

Download Myths & Practices for Executives Training Leaders to help you learn techniques for more effective video recruitment.

Set up a meeting time to teach senior candidates a strategy for becoming the CEO.

Successful Video Recruitment Techniques

Technical Impacts: Video recruitment as an online tool is neither a “silver bullet” nor a “magic bullet”. While one could confidently argue that video plays a role in human beings interactions, technology can greatly impact the effectiveness of online video recruitment, especially when compared to face-to-face trainings. Because video can facilitate an easy, immersive environment, there is no reason not to begin with video in search of a recruiting opportunity. Most impressive technology is not technology at all, it is the best employees!

Strategies and Tools: Video Recruitment Tools: Before you make the decision to use a tool, ask yourself how this tool best serves your business. For example, if video is used for hiring, if the end goal is to make a hire quickly, will this tool be valuable to your company? Because of the prevalent use of video for learning, evaluating job seekers by utilizing training is difficult. Although training can be interesting and helpful, training alone can not significantly improve a job seeker’s chances of getting a job. Some companies may be using non-video training tools because there are benefits in putting more trust into online learning over training as a whole.

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