How Can Learning Help Me Online

Source: A March, 2011 Gallup poll shows only 30% of parents with internet access are serious about learning with their children. Some parents admit to giving their kids little or no guidance in learning new information on the internet.

How Can Learning Help Me Online

Internet use has exploded. I hear people telling me, “I never get enough time to do anything!” Well, I think they just have the wrong expectations and the wrong values. Let me first say I am not against technology. I have a love/hate relationship with many aspects of technology. I guess you could even say, I am an early adopter of most things. I am actually a big advocate of the practice of bringing technology into the home. But technology should only be used in optimal and intentionally co-creative ways that are used to reveal new and meaningful behaviors and deepen our engagement with the world and our people.

So the question is; How can online learning help me create meaningful connections and meaningful daily interaction with my people and the world? Here are some examples of what could go right or wrong with your online learning strategy.

Problem 1 – With a K-12 class, there is an isolated classroom and individual students. Technology can help solve the isolation problem by providing community of ideas, diversity of learning styles, and a voice from that unknown audience! Even if it’s just one teacher who uses this technology in the classroom, it begins to create real conversations and building a community of students from across the country that might just learn from one another! Real community, real connections and connection is important for learning.

Problem 2 – A company specializes in product development. They have a contest in which individuals and teams make an innovative product. They require people to pre-register and create their own original video explaining why their product is the best. Within minutes, hundreds of people are vying for one of four spots. Technology can help explain the competition by having people use technology to do a real video search. This search can be done simultaneously with their creative project so that people could see their entries simultaneously. Different views of the process could spark creativity and innovation. In an even more interesting scenario, video search can be used for competitions where people can test, compete, or present ideas (10, 20, or 30 seconds) – all using the same technology.

Problem 3 – Retail stores – many are offering courses online for employees who are not able to attend class or sit in the classroom. Technology can help explain how customers can successfully complete these self-service “checkouts” – with different sizes of keyboards, AIM buttons, sensors, and displays. In the big-box stores, sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going on in the store, and sometimes it’s impossible to learn how to safely complete an online course. Technology can serve this purpose well.

Problem 4 – People are surprised when they see that you still have time for free time. They thought you only had time for your personal needs. Technology can help solve this problem by showing you how it’s possible to put as much time into your own personal goals as you would want to spend in your professional life. Many people have a theory that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Technology can bring you in front of these thousands of people with the “Web Master” idea to demonstrate how you can be as visible and effective as a brand ambassador in an online video for seven to eight minutes.

Technology can play an important role in our experiences in life. I am not saying that it should be used as the only thing we do. We have our own unique value systems, work styles, and goals. Just know that technology can help. Having a conscious and intentional plan for how you use it will ensure that you are using technology to share the knowledge and experiences that matter most to you.

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