How Can Learning Help Me Online

We all learned while playing games. When we were young, we watched old shows, read books, or joined Gulliver’s Travels.

Charles McArthur, in anticipation of her conversations with Katha Pollitt.

Doubt is a great problem to have and it’s not something I can exactly avoid. It’s simply a fact of life. We try to balance this by constantly redefining and redefining, reshaping and reshaping. In fact, this trait is so deep rooted in us as a society that the very best teachers are often those who are willing to redefine themselves and their teaching style to meet new challenges.

My experience in online learning began back in 2012 when I received a call from Google asking if I wanted to accept an invitation from the Imagine Startup Program to attend a training for entrepreneurs. I went and never looked back. My journey in learning has been a unique one. I simply could not resist the idea of learning this way when my 3-year-old daughter and I were able to attend it together. This series of sessions has been life changing for me. I personally believe that learning online is the perfect way to teach children because it gives them the best possible educational environment, where they can learn and explore without leaving the comfort of their parents homes.

I experienced this firsthand at my kids second math class. While the traditional alternative method in which the child is given a focused curriculum and a focus teacher, allows for the child to be encouraged and encouraged on each correct thing the child learns, I believe the kids would achieve better results when they were able to actually practice and push themselves to be themselves and to learn as many different things as possible.

At least, that’s what I tried to tell my teacher when she told me that it was impossible to push the children at this point because the children were receiving individual attention as well as quiet time when the children needed to just be alone. I was vehemently opposed to how all too many schools are operating today. Our educational system seems to be very gamed out now.

I believe that each child learns at different levels and that a child’s needs and milestones should be measured in a different way than the teacher determines. As a matter of fact, I would probably rethink my curriculum altogether if I was given the option.

The other “benefit” I would have for the online learning format is that because you don’t have to spend hours on school breakscents or work all day to get a completion, you spend time teaching your child to focus. If you are lucky enough to live with a technology-literate parent who is on a nearby internet connection when they are waiting for their daily train from Paris, Germany or Shanghai, you have them constantly coming up with new ways to get their child to use their brain. This can help promote critical thinking and see that “learning is something that can happen whenever you are, at any age, and anywhere.”

This is the spirit of a proper education. As I wrote earlier, it’s being pushed out the door. What’s different is that today’s internet generation is aware of this, and they have learned how to protect their internal parts and customize their learning. If I am able to attend my classes on a daily basis and read everything every student is reading that day in my books, there are no worries. It’s the kind of organization I’m looking for when I decide where to spend my money.

My daughter is a quick study too. Every class I go into, she studies what I’m doing so well, I have to keep reminding her that I don’t have that kind of time. My students are not just learning, they are living. This way of doing things, just maybe, will set her up to do the same once she is old enough.

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