How Can I Get Experience With Online Learning Platforms

Looking for a way to offset college costs and find work in your field? Online education programs have been booming of late, with schools offering programs over the internet.

How Can I Get Experience With Online Learning Platforms

Quick quiz: what’s easier, getting a B.A. or graduating from your college?

Easy enough, right? For those with limited knowledge about online learning, the answer might surprise you.

On any given day, there are thousands of college programs on the market. What makes a truly amazing college program unique? It could be the educational content. It could be the hands-on learning opportunities or the volunteerism opportunities. For some, it could be the small class sizes or even the state-of-the-art campus equipment.

For students who are moving to college, it’s not the allure of the “good” that drives them to study, but rather the huge range of opportunities that provide the big-picture focus.

For example, if you want to be a teacher, you may choose to take a visual arts class to expand your understanding of technology, writing, and composition. You might spend an hour each night on programming to build a web experience or take another digital field trip to a place like a startup company.

For Cusumano graduates, we’ve learned that our online online certification program offered a wide variety of incredible options to build an infrastructure that would allow us to resume our careers after college.

Here’s the problem: there is no experienced teacher working with you—there is no interactive experience, and no matter how competent and savvy you become, you don’t know which techniques will serve you best. With tools like Upturn and TheInteractiveMarketingSchool, we’ve introduced a whole new world of education that bridges the gap.

Still, if you are not an instructor or a student working with us, how can you be a part of online learning?

Consider the following options:

Come to our conference. We invite anyone who wants to learn from the experts in our industry to get hands-on experience in our workshops. Our campus is set up like a classroom, and visitors can learn at their own pace—hearing directly from our instructors.

Mentor students. And with the success of our virtual student community, which has been the dominant student demographic, we have found that student mentors have played a vital role in our programs. More than 2,300 students have been the mentors to nearly 7,000 students—an amazing achievement in the world of online learning.

Work on independent projects. This is a fun and much more interactive way to learn about how online learning tools actually work. Create custom websites, work with social media apps, or customize your own email newsletters. In our program, we offer personalized training with a certified instructor, and you’ll soon feel at home.

Join a discussion group on social media. Come learn about our work through a free, live Q&A session.

Accept our #OFAdviserChallenge! We challenged students and alumni to receive up to $2,000 in free tuition if they did the following three things over the next six months:

Book at least four high-quality online certificates. Attend at least two sessions during our #OFAdviserChallenge.

In my case, my online digital career took off after I completed our online program. As a constant reminder to continue this training as much as possible, we promoted an active social media community on both Facebook and LinkedIn for #OFAdviserChallenge participants to share their achievements. I was quick to take advantage, and even though I had just received my certificate months before, I increased my number of visits to my online website.

After graduation, I started working as a CUS2 journalist/digital marketer and successfully completed my own certificate through Catalytic.

Of course, every online learning program will have its own unique learning experiences, but we encourage you to engage and explore whatever interests you. Everyone’s journey is different, and in the end, you can find something to fall in love with.

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