How Can Flexible Online Learning Benefits Mothers

Flexible Online Learning (FOL) will revolutionize education for all students, parents, and employers.

How Can Flexible Online Learning Benefits Mothers

By definition, flexible online learning (also called flex-courses or practical learning) is unique to work environments, so when you include people with families, it can feel like a much bigger challenge. Fortunately, a number of flex courses exist, and thanks to web hosting service company HostGator, we’re able to share the best examples of college courses that aim to accommodate family situations.

Flex-courses are considered general education courses that cover the skills necessary to be successful in any field, but they’re usually taught by professors in their own fields rather than trained educators. The classwork is usually composed of online lectures, question-and-answer sessions, and in-class Q&A where you can ask for assistance. You complete a set number of online projects at the end of each class period so you’re also earning credits toward your final product.

Advantages to Flex-courses

The flexibility of online learning makes them a great choice for people who want to keep a business afloat while attending a part-time job, home-schooling young children, or looking to take a step down from a full-time position, which in this case is the case for many working moms.

They don’t require as much time from you because you get to choose your class content at the beginning of the semester to ensure you only need to attend class when necessary. If you can schedule some kind of task on your calendar to give you a break, it can be a terrific way to fit regular academic activities in.

You can ask a tutor to help you solve tough problems and push through otherwise impossible exams. For someone who doesn’t have a go-to tutor available for the study material, it’s ideal because he or she can provide advice, hold meetings on the right topics, and extend the coursework.

Not only does flex-courses work for school kids, but parents of children who are enrolled in school, too.

Instruction is usually stress-free because the material is set up from the start, so instructors don’t have to start from scratch each time. You can enroll in online courses for a variety of purposes, including some for your spouse and others for you to take together.

Does it work?

Depending on what you need, a flexible online class can be one of the best ways to add an academic extravaganza to your life while keeping the books balanced, staying close to your kids, staying in touch with friends and family, and scheduling your weekly childcare hours.

According to Kahan, a global speaker on working moms, there are two kinds of people who benefit from flex-courses: those who are looking to change careers, increase their earning potential, or simply increase their knowledge base. “One of the many advantages of flex-courses is that they can help companies offer flexible work arrangements to their employees to increase their productivity, happier employees, and possibly save them from taking a costly exit-package in a rapidly evolving and competitive economy,” she says.

As Kate Long, President of Long Marketing, Inc., explains: “The advantage of flex-courses is that they allow you to attend classes when the stress level is high and allow you to work around a child’s schedule. It also allows you to have a flexible schedule.”

She also notes that with flexible online classes, you can get a jump on preparing for exams. “If you want to do well in an exam and test yourself, you’re going to do better if you take it in a class,” she says.

A beneficial aspect to consider is the ease of auto-completion. You don’t have to worry about cramming on the days of tests because you can always use a little bit of extra time. Or, you can submit some extra work (such as an additional question) to complete another part of your work, and then keep on learning.

If your family situation does require more planning than a traditional classroom does, the chance of sticking to your course schedule isn’t as great. You might be able to attend more classes in any given semester than if you had to stay in a traditional classroom, but, as Long points out, with traditional classes, people are used to a plan.

Try out some of these unique flex-courses before picking the one that works best for you:

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