How Can Build A Online Learning Using Wysiwyg Web Builder

Once you have learned the difference between Wysiwyg and HTML, you can start on the new site.

I’m definitely going to college…but not for the traditional reasons.

Ever hear the rags to riches story about the guy with “a couple of kilos of gold in the garage” that finally hit the big time?

That, my friends, is not my story. Mine, however, could end up on the pages of New York Times Magazine, which is what made the year I began studying to become a journalist so special. It was the opportunity to switch gears and become, instead, a social media entrepreneur.

As it happens, I started out by covering early adopters, the techies who came up with the first ever high-speed internet. They were called dial-up users, mostly, and there was a stigma attached to this term in the early 1990s.

“They don’t know how to surf the Internet” was the one thing I knew. Or at least that was what one internet industry luminary told me.

If you had dial-up Internet access, you were a yokel.

But that’s OK. There are lots of yokels out there these days who have figured out how to avoid “slowly recovering from a malfunctioning cable modem or dial-up cable modem service.”

They share these tales on their internet forums, and I quickly learned that cable modem, fiber-optic and next-generation broadband are not on the do-not-call list. Those wires can reach you any time, any place.

So I decided to test how far “telephone” internet connections really go.

As my humble quest progressed I met and quickly fell in love with something called Wysiwyg (pronounced Yen-siew-yog) — which means “in the barnyard” in Finnish.

A company called Nova Project posted a YouTube tutorial showing how to use Wysiwyg to get free wifi on the train.

I was hooked.

I put together a a makeshift Wysiwyg web portal using, and from there I thought of the idea of making a learning tool similar to Wysiwyg that would enable students to access free online learning resources around the world.

Sure enough, some folks were already working on a free course: coding in Javascript. (Think the king of modern day coding languages, C.)

When I heard about this course I jumped in, and convinced them to give me access to it. (I paid for it!)

I used the course’s resources to build a lesson book. Then I used them to build a website. Finally, I used them to create a Wysiwyg educational platform.

How did I land there?

My getting a shout out from Connor Novak — my fellow blogger who wrote on this here site a while back about how he’s breaking it down and turning it into real life, working for real companies:

I fell down this rabbit hole when I started teaching myself web development… and found that a good way to learn something really quickly is from others who know more than you do. That’s when I started searching on Hacker Home.

There are over 70 Hacker House classrooms around the world, and most have a similar theme.

In other words, if you’re a student (and wannabe) at MIT, you can learn how to code by watching other MIT grads practice in front of a screen.

There are even schools like CollegeMedia, now running one of the more successful Hacker House courses: anchor structure: using mobile data analysis to analyze movie box office receipts.

Student Tyler Dvorak loves it:

Did you know that the same rules that apply to big corporate entities apply to little family startups? They must operate in the most consistent manner.

Yet, here I am: managing a free international learning platform, a kid’s DIY-learning program (aka “Wysiwyg Schoolhouse”), and providing education to other aspiring students around the world.

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