How Businesses Are Dealing With Online Learning

Companies big and small have learned to take advantage of the online learning option.

How Businesses Are Dealing With Online Learning

There’s been a lot of conversation recently about creating an online learning community for businesses. Companies have been embracing digital transformation for quite some time. But I think one thing that has been on peoples minds is the issue of how the digital transformation is changing the skills that are being taught to employees. Before digital transformation, technology was mostly used for research and development. And with the emergence of digital marketing in the late 90s, the conversation about education was redefined. Educators had to think of new ways to teach because the academic year ended too early and brands had to look for new ways to reach students. With the rise of the internet and innovation across the industry, technology was taken a step further. It became a perfect medium for marketers to reach customers with relevant information and entertainment, both text and images.

As a result, we’ve seen college students train to enter the workforce with more skills than ever before. And in the business world, we’ve seen companies get to the point where people don’t necessarily learn new skills anymore. Instead, they’re learning to use the tools, the programs, the platforms that enable the company to conduct business efficiently and effectively.

So, does this mean we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of traditional education?

Probably not. Part of the problem is that online education is still in its early days. In order to progress, businesses and individuals must be very conscious of the online education space and the variety of education paths that are available. There’s no doubt about it, businesses understand the demands of their employees and are trying to find the right mix of resources and channels to support them. And they understand that education must be completely inclusive of everyone.

Learning is a continuous journey

There are definitely advantages of digital transformation. It changes the language we use to communicate and it’s also enabled business to improve inefficiencies in the way they deliver products and services. It’s also enabled some companies to provide great online learning to people outside of their offices in a professional, non-disruptive environment. It may even allow employees to bring their own devices so they can continue to consume digital content, and it makes educational tools available to people across the world. But let’s be honest, learning and going to class are very different things.

What I mean by this is that businesses are really trying to push their employees to understand that learning involves more than just writing a paper and taking a test. What employers want is for their employees to understand that learning isn’t one step at a time. There are numerous different processes a person must go through, and organizations need to support employees with them in order to learn the skills they need to succeed. If a business ignores the resources for online learning, they will see that the employee becomes disengaged and stops participating in these programs. Even employees with the highest level of education are still learning new things all the time.

When employees go to an online learning program and can interact with the right people in a setting that’s representative of their current workplace, they may see a different perspective from someone who has more training. Or they may hear a story about a problem they are facing at work. These opportunities can actually create a greater learning experience.

So, to wrap things up, Businesses need to remember that online learning and a college education are not the same thing. The learning is different. It’s a part of the learning journey. You should provide people with the tools to learn, the opportunities to experience, and the tools they need to succeed.

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