How Bad Is The Learning Curve For Eve Online

Straight from SourceWatch, this guide provides all the practical skills of what goes into starting an MMO that you need.

Eve Online, one of the most popular multiplayer role-playing games on the planet, is huge. Even the casual players know where they are, what they’re playing, and how the money is even kept alive. With over 10 million players worldwide, this creates opportunities for accidental looting and a tremendous learning curve for the average player.

It all starts with one man: Tan Wu.

In short, Tan Wu is the first and only black person to be credited as an industry industry leader in the industry of Eve Online. He’s also been described as the ultimate “looter” that collects computer gear and other resources, including money, unofficially in spaceships.

But what Tan Wu has done for Eve Online by setting the tipping point was nothing short of revolutionary. His raidable, stashable, and income friendly property is so popular with players that this makes no sense, but lets us discuss.

Just how big is Eve Online?

Eve Online, originally released in 2003, has become the most popular MMORPG in the world. There are more than 35,000 private servers, with nearly 23 million players around the world. And this hasn’t even gotten started on ESO’s present players.

There’s no magic to these numbers, of course. People play for different reasons, and ESO happens to be one of the most prolific and well-known options. “Well known” means quite a bit. The global community of Eve players accounts for over $2 billion dollars. The military community has a net worth of $1.5 billion.

But how would we quantify the ranks of a community that is responsible for over a billion dollars in equipment sales and provides a million doors each month, to a culture where Eve has traditionally been a solitary experience, forced by societal norms to engage in cliques and crowd sourcing?

What’s this shop mean for you?

In order to get into Eve Online, you need to obtain a RIFT-a-SpaceS or RIFT. Here’s a brief checklist to make sure you’re ready for something big.

2. Facilities for RIFT

After playing Eve Online for over a decade, I had to re-evaluate my attitude toward some of the spaceships I had in my inventory. I am also not in the business of wasting resources and items I do not have room for.

Sure enough, I knew what they were but I did not have the space to store them.

If you’re not aware of your existence inside of a Eve player’s plane, RIFT is basically the “ware” space that Eve players call home. It serves a number of functions, including supplying parts, engines, spaceships, and crew to your rooms.

3. Notablenuts

Namaste! As for the RIFT hardware itself, that can come in a variety of packages. Everything from plasma packs to magnetic strips. You can buy these and sell them to other players for whatever you want to buy.

The prize is that a casual player who wants a plasma pack may earn $100 by standing in the right place at the right time. And you don’t have to search around for it. Your RIFT seems to find you.

4. With that, though, comes the Out-of-Control Burn’s Jones

That’s right, hunting in Eve is the new frontier. Weapons and parts are sold in the public market that’s open to everyone, for a price. One wrong move and you can spend weeks with nothing to show for it.

5. That adds up to the Crime of Cowardice

According to its official base code, Eve Online operates on a law of the jungle model. Nobody knows what the rules are or how it all works. Outside of a carefully constructed digital world, things can escalate quickly.

6. The Grave Stuff You’re Bringing With You

Once you’ve earned a Plasma Pack and know the rules and rules of Eve online, moving within its borders to pick up other items is common practice. But what you’ll find is that the guidelines for transporting loot are anything but simple.

When you play Eve Online, it can be dangerous. There are “rules” about what’s acceptable to and what’s not, as well as a spectrum of rules that make you wonder how the hell it all happens. In a weird way, finding the EO roots of Tan Wu’s word is like going on a Pandora’s Box of finding out how hacking works. If you’re into Eve Online, you

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