How Asynchrnous Learning Affects Success Of Online Courses.

Now that students have a new site that provides an online college experience, how are students learning? It all depends on what kind of learning you are having.

How Asynchrnous Learning Affects Success Of Online Courses.

Are you a data scientist whose job is to analyze trends, form hypotheses, and understand patterns in information to reveal better ways to solve business problems? What are you looking for when you enroll in a big data course? This article will look at how business and learning are linked in online education, and what has been studied about how learning channels impact success on a business course.

By Willem van Zwieten

Businesses are always hungry for and implementing the latest technology to better function with the real-world. Some businesses use training to empower and educate their employees as a way to improve their operational and career efficiency. By implementing training, a company can improve safety, satisfy customer expectations, identify new sales opportunities, and make more money while decreasing operating costs. However, training has been discussed on many occasions as the “standard.” Do companies want to invest money into new technologies and training methods to help their business?

To answer this question, there needs to be a better understanding of how business and learning are linked.

Education and Success

For the many students enrolled in online courses, learning in the real world and enrolling in online courses can work perfectly in tandem. Even though learning in the real world can be more flexible, a learner can easily be carried along on online learning by any combination of content and interventions offered during the course.

But the real-world could always use more learning, right? Something is missing.

In a recent review article, Meir Onakovsky, Margit Rering, and Hyunheon Chang from the Center for Future Marketing Studies at the University of Turin concluded that online education and work performance “do not coincide.” According to Onakovsky, Rering, and Chang, “because digital tools that we can use for management also enrich cognitive functioning with information-rich environments that foster learning.”

Where is the impact of online learning?

The team attempted to do a detailed study on the impact of digital education and learning on users’ engagement level. The end result was that online education does not affect the final results of a course.

Based on the reported results, the team concluded that online learners use and accumulate lessons differentially to their physical counterparts. The times when most learners learned the most during an online course were that when they participated in live peer tutoring sessions or during a live problem solving course.

In their analysis, the researchers found that online learning does not influence online learners’ habits or academic performance because the tutoring typically focuses on interpersonal skills. This proves that the reason why online learning is successful, with a modicum of measureable metrics to monitor it, are the benefits offered over traditional structured education.

Successors of online students

Are you the person that masterminded your personal online learning experience and was the best teacher for your online courses? Then congratulations! You are one of the most successful online learners, as documented by Onakovsky’s and Rering’s study.

The main reason behind effective online learners’ success was that they were very persistent in their online learning. With perseverance and self-awareness, online learners were able to overcome their challenges and achievements.

Doing online learning in the business world

Businesses seek people with knowledge and expertise, and new technologies can be the tool that will provide the right people the right jobs. You and your business need more data scientists who have the right skill sets and can respond quickly in order to analyze and predict business data. Online learning can help you fulfill this demand. With online learning, you can read, learn, and share your knowledge, improve your job skills, and make a positive impact on your work while providing a new, more rewarding career.

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