How Are Online Icfai Distance Learning Exams Conducted For People Abroad

The California State University Board of Trustees announced that millions of dollars in online distance learning and course completion will be phased out over the next five years. It’s effectively the most drastic measure taken in the world to address widespread cheating in online classes.

How Are Online Icfai Distance Learning Exams Conducted For People Abroad

The IFCI INEX is a very popular online exam intended for distance learning users abroad in developing countries and is among the most widely used learning management systems (LMS) in the world.

Typically, the IFCI INEX runs for 7 weeks or approximately 600 test sessions each year and the two main options are online and offline.

Online IFCI

One of the largest and most established distance learning programs worldwide, IFCI can be utilized by schools and colleges from academia, non-profits, non-profit institutions and companies. It provides student students with almost unlimited access to scores of learning modules that lead to certification.

In all, online IFCI delivers more than 80,000 digital modules, such as quizzes, real-time assessment, exams, tests and coaching that are developed to certify in more than 200 fields such as business administration, accounting, psychology, business, engineering, humanities, performing arts, arts and management.

In addition, IFCI enables online students to meet and connect with providers in different courses and their chosen specialty whenever they want to update their learning experience, or to test out an idea in context.

Outside of the secure server, you can watch videos, compare results and take advantage of other activities that support your education.

Within online IFCI, you will be able to use any mobile device you want, so it is essential to make arrangements for on-the-go connectivity.

If you do not plan to visit a specific partner site anytime soon, you will still be able to take the exam the next day.

Offline IFCI

Offline IFCI is best suited for students who are away from traditional learning environments and need to take exams, tests, testing sessions and advanced tests.

Online IFCI can actually be accessed from anywhere and no special software is required.

Offline IFCI will depend on your registered version of the test to determine your ability to take online or offline IFCI. The study and online sessions will be available to you so whether you will use the test as online or offline will depend on your local time and geography.

Top Quality Online Testing Service

IFCI is the market leader in promoting educational exchange programs of the highest quality and in providing effective distance learning services. It is a recognized global standard for online learning, certification and assessment. IFCI has more than 300 partner sites.

Educational Ambitions

The purpose of the IFCI INEX is to provide trainings, apprenticeships, certificates and trade training for those lacking the resources required to go to school and pursue formal education. Distance learning is at the heart of promoting educational equality worldwide. The IFCI INEX enhances the quality of educational resources throughout the globe.


Any online class, course or assessment can be subpar and educational quality levels can be reduced to unacceptable levels in some areas due to translation and localization issues. In recent times, concerns have been raised about IFCI learning modules that were mainly developed for English for teachers.

The IFCI in developing countries also has a challenge of maintaining professional standards for all educational content and assessment services. There is great amount of linguistic diversity in many developing countries. Language is often a key factor which can influence how people are perceived. Language must be taught in context to achieve the desired outcome. The lack of professional standards for online IFCI may lead to possible scandal or false allegations against it.

Where to start learning from

The IFCI in developing countries is not a standardized test and study material is not available in all languages. If you do not know how to take a basic computer course, you may not be able to succeed.

For most people, the first way to learn from distance learning is by taking an online course. This can involve access to many virtual courses on Wikipedia and also via online education platform Coursera. Your own web services and IT tools may also be a helpful tool in taking an online course.

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