Why and How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When someone tries to influence you or your elected officials in order to get a favorable outcome in court, it’s time to take action and protect your family, your friends, your neighbors and your profession. It’s time to stop this free pass on the criminal justice system. You deserve more rights under the law, and you must demand more answers.

Why and How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

That’s why I’m proposing that the State of Florida be allowed to jail people who cause, facilitate or enable the prosecution of anyone who is under a court order to stay away from an intimate or intimate acquaintance. When they use this kind of power to target innocent individuals and blackmail or sexually abuse them in any way, they are breaking the law. And it’s time to end their terrible activity and to put an end to this criminal way of life.

I am filing this bill right now. Next month, I will call on my colleagues to pass this bill so that we put an end to this evil behavior once and for all.

Last week, my staff worked tirelessly to get this bill out of committee. This is just one small part of my plan to make Florida great again and make the rights of those individuals equal to those of others. My staff also worked tirelessly last week to get a bill to help the few who feel their rights have been violated in the application of the Fair Housing Act passed in committee.

This bill will give real estate agents, home and lot buyers and sellers more ways to sue law enforcement and housing officials if they believe they were wrongfully denied housing. It will prevent law enforcement from snooping into anyone’s property without a warrant. It’s just one small part of my plan to give people all over Florida more rights under the law.

In Tallahassee, our jobs are to represent the people of Florida and we need to provide more protection for them. Protecting the rights of all people begins with the governor acting on legislation proposed by me and our legislative delegation and must not end with the governor acting on legislation proposed by us and our legislative delegation.

We need action from our governor and our state representatives to ensure that when the victim or victim’s family feels they are being violated and when there is clear and convincing evidence that there are significant consequences for the violator, the state’s law enforcement should take action to intervene. This is not about the rights of law enforcement, it’s about our rights.

We should keep our laws fair and enforceable

They should not lie to the public about why they’re violating our rights. I think they should come forward and explain to the public why they’re doing this or they should be forced to.

If this bill is killed in committee, I will hold a press conference and my staff will stay on the case. This bill may not pass, but it’s time for our governor and our legislative delegation to get on the job and protect our families. It’s time for our attorney general to step up and crack down on the CPD, the officers and the police that are trying to illegally blackmail individuals and hold them hostage to extort “leniency” from the justice system. This is not just a “matter of procedure.” It’s a matter of protecting our precious lives and at-risk citizens.

This bill is about protecting people from abuse and it’s also about balancing the power of the state versus a person’s civil rights. This is why I did not file the legislation this year. My colleagues needed more time to ponder it before taking action. I did not think that was good enough. There is always more work to be done to protect Florida families.

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