Help Getting Started With Online Learning, How-tos And Guides.

We’re here all day, every day, and we love to be inspired! This week we spotlight online learning and how-tos, how-tos with wits and directions, and what to use with suggested bookmarks for your research.

Help Getting Started With Online Learning, How-tos And Guides.

Online Learning Isn’t Something You Can Just Leap Into. Check Out These 5 Tips To Be Successful With It.

Imagine that you get to choose which classes to enroll in and what to do with the certificates that you earn. Well, that’s exactly what’s available through online learning. You can choose courses with lots of education, job paths, and certifications—and right now, online learning is in a renaissance!

Online learning started as a way to save money and time. For young adults and others who were unable to attend regular schools or business college, online learning became an amazing solution.

I love online learning for this reason. My daughter and I took advantage of online learning because it’s so much more convenient than attending an expensive college. I dropped out of my first year of college in 2010 because of work-related obligations. Since then, I’ve remained active in campus life, but online learning enables me to build skills and offer my young son a different kind of education.

Build a Strong Psychology For Online Learning

Online learning shouldn’t be expected to beat out face-to-face learning. However, I find that building a strong psychology of online learning is one of the ways to succeed. Here are a few tips I’ve used to understand and succeed with online learning:

• Stay supportive and helpful throughout the process.

• Work with the student on maintaining and building upon his or her “online personality.”

• Support the student as much as you can to build his or her online skills and personality.

• Encourage the student to start giving feedback, because a study of how people provide feedback can also be a factor in how well the student performs in online learning.

Expand Your Knowledge And Understand Your World

The most famous online learning program of all time is Google. Google is one of the largest and most successful businesses in the world today. When I set out to learn how to learn about online learning, I decided to start by exploring Google. When I started understanding how Google works, I started to understand online learning—and how to find the best courses to qualify me for the classes I was pursuing.

Here are some tips I’ve used to explore online learning and gain valuable experience, including job skill-building and building a strong online personality:

• Dig into the Google Search! I started a Google Search of online learning and found the top best open-sourced, free websites for learning online. These included:,, Khan, and

• Before I started learning, I wrote down my goals: Becoming a better job, better parent, better human being, etc. I then figured out what online courses could help me achieve these goals. For example, if my goal was to become a better job-focused person, I might learn how to write job cover letters and resumes from the Business and Management Technology Writing Workshop.

• People Search And Rate Online Learning Courses. As I started researching online learning, I discovered a large community of people who were not only helping each other, but I was also able to get great, anonymous reviews from others. People who had gone through online learning told me what they liked and disliked. You might be surprised to learn how many reviews there are for online learning courses.

• Self-Development

Online learning should not be about achieving an immediate goal. You can explore online learning as you learn. Practice and grow, look around the world, and learn more about who you are and what you want to do.

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