Help For A Plus Online Learning In Spanish 1–how Do You Show Accent Marks

If you have ever tried to learn a language online, you know there’s a lot of issues that come with it. First and foremost, it’s learning a new language.

Help For A Plus Online Learning In Spanish 1--how Do You Show Accent Marks

If you are an applicant to law school, for the first time in my career, I found myself being denied to law school. At the time, I was a law school graduate (J.D.) and working part-time for a large law firm. Now it was actually me in the classroom, but there was one major problem: I had a six-year legal wife and four-year law student in the house. The school’s test (the LSAT) required my student to show an accent mark. During the writing phase, I was worried about passing, but luckily a few days before the test day, I got hold of a copy of the test, a few “speak American” test sheets that showed my skill, and a complete course history of the language from which I studied. The challenge was to find the accented rule that I had to use.

As I was about to apply, I reached out to organizations like, Complete Law, to help me find some rules or a common text. This didn’t yield much help. In the end, I did some Googling and found a Spanish professor teaching a Spanish Law Course, which she had written at home on a small computer tablet. She also gave a five-hour presentation using very simple language. Here’s what the language looked like at the time:

Lists of “rules and rules of conduct” for the course:

Okay, after that, I headed back to our apartment to work with my students to compose the correct speech. Despite missing the prompt for language markers, I know some people who wrote the speech, and I think they did well. For example, this was what that professor said (translated):

A number of students have difficulty English simply because they speak and write too good English, or they never really mastered the language in the first place. Unfortunately, this also makes getting into law school very difficult. It’s always very hard to figure out how to translate something once you have already figured out the parts you can understand. In this course, we try to give them a little help with this, so that they know that it really, really helps.

And I would add how, in most cases, the lesson was written in their native language. I think if the professor had typed her essay, then we would have had much better help. Also, I think there would have been less chance of being turned down when I took the test.

I did another interview in which I also got denied and chose another institution. I tried again and had no trouble, though the person who interviewed me wrote this:

“Congratulations, we welcome you here.” And I’m sure there were lots of other rejections that I did not share in my article, but those are the ones I considered important enough to write about.

I am now finished with law school, and this is a lesson my wife and I have learned many times. When I look back on what I’m able to do, I now know that the quality of my American-English is still far superior to that of any Spanish-English test-taker. I learned that even if it doesn’t really work for you, speak English.

Matt Verenna is a native British-American and attorney in the practice of Legal Advocacy and Crisis Management. Matt has published widely about immigration and child welfare litigation for his clients, the attorneys he represents, and the media at large. He has been featured in the media as the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, and the “Hot Spot” website. Matt has testified before the Congressional Immigration Reform Sub-Committee about the solutions he believed should be implemented after Hurricane Maria; as well as before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the birthright citizenship issue. He is also a member of the Future Farmers of America and NEXUS.

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