Georgia Tech Online Masters Machine Learning How Many Credits

Georgia Tech’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative offers a bachelor’s program in Machine Learning. Read our full report on the program.

Georgia Tech Online Masters Machine Learning How Many Credits

Robots, drones, cell phones, camera phones…superheroes don’t get a lot of screen time in the television soaps. So now you won’t find them much in the Marvel films. Yet, just as in fictional books and movies, real artificial intelligence (AI) science fiction has influenced real life. One of the pioneers of the field was Georgia Tech University.

Georgia Tech is an extremely well-known and widely respected Southern university whose flagship campus lies north of Atlanta. Their main mission is to research, foster, teach, and propagate knowledge of the planet on the range of topics in which these topics intersect, from statistics to artificial intelligence.

Georgia Tech is a major scientific research institution that has taken its place as one of the Top Universities for Computer Science. In fact, this university ranks #1 in the country, according to the Best Colleges list. Their program is founded on world-class faculty and research, a well-rounded curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, top-tier athletic teams, and superb living conditions. Georgia Tech is the largest private university in the U.S. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Georgia Tech’s 9,035 students are spread across a number of academic divisions, residential colleges, and degree programs with major concentrations in information systems, arts and sciences, biology, and engineering.”

For a professor, all of this success and prestige is well worth all the effort to raise your profile and level of academic prestige. To help you achieve success in this endeavor, we made our list of Georgia Tech Online Master’s Programs, to help you know what to expect and where to look for courses.

Georgia Tech Online Masters in Computer Science

As its name suggests, this program focuses on Computer Science, but offers a curriculum that can fit almost anyone’s schedule. The flagship program is a Direct Admission Open Enrollment course that prepares prospective students to be accepted to a Georgia Tech academic program. In short, this means it is an easier transfer path into a degree program as opposed to working through Georgia Tech’s selective application process, where admission is based on GPA, GRE scores, SAT scores, and extracurricular activity. Regardless of the sequence of courses you select, you’ll be good to go with a quick 4.0 GPA after a minimum of 16 credit hours.

Georgia Tech Online Master of Medical Administration

This program is ideal for those students who would prefer to learn both on the computer and from a live faculty member. For your first year you get $20,000 and an Amazon Echo Plus. You receive a Personal Development Plan that you can upgrade to a Personal Development Plan worth $2,450. The hours of classes offered by this program are comprehensive and allow you to receive a certificate upon graduation. The course is also available on an online format so you can choose the timing and pace of your learning.

Georgia Tech Online Master of Engineering

This one is for students interested in Computer Science, but also for those students who might want to pursue Engineering. The only drawback is that the Master of Engineering program has a very high Class Size.

Georgia Tech Extension Science and Technology-Computer Sciences

Don’t let this low-class Class Size deter you from trying this program. The high quality of this program is very evident, and the number of extensions makes this possible, meaning students have access to plenty of courses available on varying skill levels. One thing you’ll notice is the breadth of topics students can learn about, including Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Engineering.

Do you want to learn all this? Get your Georgia Tech University Degree HERE:

Photo credit: Chad Peery for Georgia Tech

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