Games For Kids Who Are Learning Online

Minecraft: They are becoming more prevalent on third party websites as social media has lowered the social status of the young gamers. Minecraft and CS:GO are the most popular examples of online games but there are a number of other great ones to be found.

Games For Kids Who Are Learning Online


Perhaps your child is an avid gamer but when your kid is a little more reserved or a little more social, they can find it tough to reach and keep them engaged in video games. However, now that so many adults access video games using a tablet or computer, this option is closer than ever to your child’s digital life. Here are 5 best apps to give your kids a place to play without the anxiety of disappointing them.

Game Hubs

As if a website wasn’t bad enough, Game Hubs gives your child a platform where they can play the classics from all of their favorite games like Super Mario, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and more on computers and tablets. In addition to the good old classics, you can also browse the newest games or pick your kids favorite from their favorites. Just search for your favorite games and you will be given a list of options for your children’s tastes. You can also create a Child menu that your child can select to hide some games just for him or her. The Parent menu helps you set custom rules on times your child can use the games including times that limit games or bans games. To do this, just set the Tablet on Parent Mode and Type in Android Device and Search and use the search box under Menu to search and set in some new rules and save the changes. When you check the search bar on the Tablet menu you will see one final search option that can help you out with another set of rules you haven’t covered.

Angry Birds Turbo

Angry Birds is probably the best known of the many games that kids love to play and kids love to love each other about. If you don’t have time to play it for yourself, then you can help your kids set up a new account. This game shows how you can customize your Angry Bird, all of the fun and fun is paid for with on the side you can play online. This game has been so popular for a reason so it’s likely that your child will enjoy getting to interact with other players while playing with this game online and also learn about coding in the process. Since you can create a kid-friendly version of the game while the adults can create the adult version, your children can learn something that will not only help them with their fun at school, but also could help make their favorite video games even more fun for them.


Hearthstone is a game that is all about competitive gaming with gamers playing together across different tournaments to see who can get the most wins and makes money. Even though it’s an online game, you can still set up a way to get other parents involved in the whole process. If you haven’t heard of it, you can test out a few games to see if you like it or not because kids love to practice and learn by playing games. You can create your own tournaments and games just like the professional ones, but you don’t have to do this in-person. Just contact a professional tournament organiser and they can schedule the games for you. You can then watch the tournaments on your TV or computer and test out Hearthstone the game on your own. This is a great game for many students, so you can easily add it to your child’s study schedule.

Speak Alphabet

With Speak Alphabet, your child can take a shortcut around the alphabet and school just by playing video games. They can just stand with their hands extended and have their friends raise their own hands, the game will read the alphabet out loud. They will be able to use the same controller they are using to play the games and they can then still see the animation and animations when you add in the picture features and various other interactive features. Since they already know what the letters mean in a word, it takes away all the mess of trying to figure out the letters, just tell them to stand and move their hands up and down the alphabet and there it is with the words in front of them. You can put out some games too, but the easter egg is that your child can also get a graphic from each letter that is narrated through the game like “Shortcut To Shakespeare”, “Shortcut To My Prom” or “Shortcut To My Boyfriend”. There is so much you can get your kids to learn or have them play that when they are playing online games together, you can help your children play in the background of the game or help them make a list of the things they learned while playing the games.

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