Games For Kids Who Are Learning Online

From MMOs to RTS, GLoD has everything you need to teach children.

As we move into 2019, innovation will continue to disrupt the video game industry. In order to ensure that parents are informed and playing parents are aware of online platforms that are best for the development of their children. Here are my top five gaming sites to use for your younger children.


Blippar is a favorite among those working in the tech industry. Developed by EyeEm, this app allows parents to identify toys and games using their phone’s camera, which then allows them to purchase them through Blippar’s ecommerce storefront. Blippar is available in several markets across the world.

Family Pages

The startup is geared toward parents with young children. Families can follow their child’s day from the comfort of their homes. Family Pages has both a free version and a paid premium service. The free version allows you to keep in touch and message your child 24/7. Once parents start buying on the platform, you’ll be able to pay for more privileges for your children.

OnePlus One

With children being the new professionals of tomorrow, it’s important to introduce them to their future role models at an early age. OnePlus is the company behind the flagship OnePlus One smartphone. OnePlus’ smartphone allows you to purchase the phone direct from the company.


Rovio is the most well-known brand in the world for its imaginative use of gaming. Rovio Entertainment will cater to children with their all new app known as Angry Birds 7. This app will allow them to use their phones in an electric vehicle. They also have an app called popular mobile game, Angry Birds. This app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.


StopPlay is the newest venture from Canadian entrepreneur Steve Tawia. This app is one of the many tutorials that teaches children ways to be polite. StopPlay will help children “Stay Happily Ever After.” This app allows you to take pictures of children in any situation and put them in a potential life saving situation. You can start this lesson by taking a picture of a child in the grocery store and placing it in this app. The teacher would then pick the appropriate emergency shelter for them to be placed in and would be in charge of transportation.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is currently in its tenth game. Since the release of this game, the franchise has earned more than US$1 billion. Animal Crossing is a game that teaches young children to live happily and don’t grow up too fast. In this game, you will live in a house as you navigate the local ecology as well as meet your neighbors. The game was very popular and is currently in its 11th installment.


Minecraft has brought a lot of attention and attention-getting to the world of gaming. The game is definitely much better than its children version of Ztown. Minecraft has a number of options that are entirely user controlled. The game can teach children to make their homes on Minecraft and learn to get a loan from their fellow players, which can help you purchase items from the store. It is a game that you can easily purchase a level to continue to play.

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is the next generation for Disney Interactive’s popular Marvel characters. It can certainly raise kids’ interest in science and technology.


Hearthstone is a wonderful example of how games can teach children to be thoughtful and to build on skill sets. In this game, you can get to move to a location or play a smaller level and earn loot and capabilities. This game is perfect for older children and is very popular.

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