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If you are really wanting to get into coding online with a wider range of topics than just App development, this are a few which we have found. One thing is obvious for it is a pretty massive variety of courses that can be downloaded and studied.

As I just explained in my next post, I love games, though sometimes I wish I spent more time playing them. However, there are some times when I do get the time to play games and I need the boost in terms of learning new coding. Most recently, however, I found myself in a situation where I needed a “shortcut” to learning how to code games.

Help is Here!

This situation was triggered by Google’s recently announced “TensorFlow Unlimited.” This new way of teaching programming came about via a partnership with NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA). According to Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), which initially funded the project, “TensorFlow Unlimited builds on the TensorFlow framework, which gave developers and programmers intuitive, curated tools and frameworks to create engaging 3D artificial intelligence experiences.”

So in a nutshell, “TensorFlow Unlimited” gives developers access to a library of coding techniques that would ordinarily be reserved for the artificial intelligence product. This would allow developers to hack into their AI product faster and automate their creations, allowing them to achieve better results with less time.

However, if you’re new to coding you might wonder how in the heck you could ever use these skills. Isn’t coding all about being able to recognize what a program is doing right and what it’s doing wrong?

No Longer Just Camera Manipulation and Web Browsing

If that’s the case, let me introduce you to an entirely new subject on the concept of programming that doesn’t relate to languages. Can you picture, for example, a dancing baby face, with different expressions? A 3D two dimensional object with different stances or activities? Maybe you can start to imagine it!

Now, this is all the work of computer graphics and isn’t part of a language or program. This type of visual programming is a term I use to describe visual coding.

As I explained in my prior post, where I described the processes we need to do to enable the learning of virtual machines (VMs), and why it’s important to understand the fundamentals of VMs, as not only are these programs used by most computer graphics frameworks and are themselves used to develop beautiful visual objects, but you also have to understand the graphical programming process that allows you to achieve what a VR program can do.

Tear through the Game

What the game builders (if you like that word), are finding is that many of these programs are getting obsolete. Most games today are programs that only do visual manipulation. As these visual programs are evolving, the understanding of how these programs work, and do what, is changing rapidly. This information that developers now need in order to help them build VR and 3D programs. We also have to remember that most of these games are completely free!

Now lets make the app that generates those graphical programs and learn all the things involved in this process. How can you do this? You could start using a library of applications and then, over time, learn which ones you want to use. In the future, you can use tools that help you to code VR and 3D applications. However, what you really need to know is how to build a simple program. These basic instructions should be all you need to start working on this project.

Sharing With The World

Nowadays, it’s common for companies to have a community on their site that helps users express themselves. When you have an interactive website you want to use as a learning project, or for the purposes of a classroom project, building a simple program that can be shared with the world is super-helpful. If you have the funds, you can go out and purchase a host that’s compatible with your system. These boards are made with advanced graphics software and allow people to learn visual coding.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated to write this, or receive anything in exchange for sharing this information. This article does not promote any company or business, nor is it intended to encourage any type of behavior.

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