Free Learning How To Read Online For Adults

Online learning just became easier for adults with advanced degrees, due to the newly released Read with FreeZone tool. Read with FreeZone is a great alternative to expensive online courses like Coursera, and it can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

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I was browsing Amazon when I came across a new recommendation for an author I had never heard of.

Through the recommendations department, I found Jill Thompson’s Dry, a nonfiction book about how drinking alcohol affects the brain and body. (I already drink, and found it strangely fascinating—please excuse my ramblings).

So I flipped through Dry and picked up a copy. And then I kept reading.

I read Dry in half a day. I never felt the urge to go home and get up and make myself breakfast. And when I got a chill after the third chapter and tried to turn the page, I pulled away and stared at my computer screen.

It is this immersion—specifically, my internet access and access to technology—that drew me to one of the newest software applications: LearnHow to Read Online.

Do I know how to read? Yes. Do I know how to read online? Not yet.

This software, created by a professor at the University of South Florida-Jacksonville, is designed to make finding books for pleasure much easier for people who are not yet able to peruse long, printed books on their own. But if you or a loved one is struggling to find a good book to read, this online tool could come in handy.

The free app (available for iOS and Android devices) takes you through steps to learn how to read print on the internet. For example, you might want to practice your computer mouse, learning to interact with the web on screen. The software is simple: it walks you through exercises for keyboard commands, clicking, scrolling, etc. You can start at any point in the process, and that breaks the rules I had set up for myself to see if I could stand them for a weekend. But I was hooked in the beginning.

Yes, it took me a few days, but I’m more than ready to tackle the next chapter. I did some experimentation at the beginning, opening my library bookmarks, and my laptop. What do you know? I got a few pages or two in, and now I’m thinking that I’ll need to push my aside a bit for the next test.

I’m always skeptical of a tool that appears to make reading easier, but LearnHow is making changes to the text of books that improve learning. The moves vary, and you may have to learn how to read with a kite: leaning into one short paragraph with your body, while clicking or double-clicking the other parts of the page, filling in what the print and page leads you to.

You may even learn this skill a third way: by learning how to navigate the Internet to find what you want.

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