Face Stand Kids Used When Doing Online Learning

We’ve never faced a situation quite like it before. Do you put Face Meter on your phone, opt to stick to mere status updates or “like” what’s in front of you?

Face Stand Kids Used When Doing Online Learning

A visit to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store might have revealed one surprising mistake many adults make with their smart devices. You may find yourself realizing that almost everyone is using the Animoji, or the facial expressions or loops you can do to create a smiley face or a frown. They are accessible from the lock screen, as well as in Messages.

Here is another problem you may face in the form of Head Stand Kids. If you’re currently using mobile devices, you may have seen this young child tapping pictures of unfamiliar faces in an attempt to create such faces that’ll make you smile. It’s a disturbing idea.

Meet Head Stand Kids

Originally spotted on Reddit, “head stand kids” has risen to popularity in recent years. The idea is simple: children as young as three years old are encouraged to use Animoji-like techniques to emulate the fingers and features of other, more experienced, grown-ups.

According to the Indie-GoGo page created by People’s Fund, owners of the Shrek Minis tablet want to teach children how to do this by allowing them to give more real-life expressions to any subject. So they’ve created a dedicated school (Patathedoy) that includes video game-style lectures as well as writing opportunities.

The idea is to turn any subject into something easily understood and relateable. They are teaching children as young as three to manipulate simple objects to produce funny and heartfelt reactions, and it’s meant to make learning fun!

No Matter Your Age

One of the biggest mistakes adults make when dealing with kids is getting frustrated at their infatuation with a mobile device, which children seem to be particularly fond of in recent years. Kids are users of mobile devices from before they know their eyes can read, and parents can get frustrated when they don’t know how to deal with this often-harmless behavior. Fortunately, there are alternatives out there.

Some children may have a natural penchant for art and becoming curious about a new surface or color. If you think that your child will be drawn to a painting on a blank canvas, for example, they can start doing their own versions of it.

A similar technique might work with more practical matters like changing the volume of a phone or turning it on or off.

The Paper Creativity School

Perhaps the most practical approach is to go the paper route route to earn money for computers, tablets and other gadgets. You can be sure your child will have plenty of experience making and using markers, crayons, stamps and paper to construct both the results and the instruction.

Other Kids In Headstand Kids

As previously mentioned, the idea behind “head stand kids” is not new. In fact, kids doing this has been documented since the 8th century, according to the Book of Rome’s History. It has also been done in other cultures. All you have to do is look to Japan, where people of all ages are encouraged to do it.

Yet, the idea has been gaining widespread use across the globe. The Internet has made “head stand kids” more accessible and affordable. But it’s more than just a piece of entertainment. This is educational and also fun, a manner in which kids can gain experience using the iPhone while building new skills.

Let’s hope that “head stand kids” continue to evolve and evolve to become an integral part of your children’s education system. The International Database on Mobile Education has even provided a list of the best apps for bringing children in to mobile learning. As parents, it is our job to make sure they are using the right method to deal with their own learning needs.

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