Eve Online After Learning 60 Day Omega Plan, What Skills Should Get After

Following a successful 60 day Omega exercise, the online EVE community is getting ready to stretch their muscles. Following the extensive tasks involved in the program, the community will then spend a month apart before finally completing the month of programming on their own.

We already know how the Finnish neo-anime Eve Online chooses its Achievement Creator, but we never really knew what those agonizingly rigorous qualifications were.

That is, until Eve’s official blog announced that after six months of completion of the overall “Eve Online: After Hours” elite goal course, every player has been offered a certain experience, with what Eve calls “new, valuable, unique and elite” benefits to leverage. And — not surprisingly — some recent graduates from this elite pool are going by some far more outrageous names than others.

So, if Eve Online does anything, it proves the greatest, most creative minds in the gaming world can outdo one another on its own terms.

Eve is open to EVE Online consumers who wish to acquire significant exclusive benefits as one of its community developers or talent agents. Developers are those tasked with keeping the game’s rampant amateur drama, ever moving forward, and non-traditional players; along with rarer players, like the full-time professional Eve Online player who dominates the meta to this day. Talent agents have their own unique responsibilities: they act as those people who commission their fellow members from EVE Online to secure sought-after in-game rewards and in-game hours for ever discerning, dedicated users.

The “After Hours” selective move is very rare for Eve, which has always explicitly restricted its elite membership to only a select few.

What one needs to know in order to become an exclusive Eve after Hours developer or talent agent is that you must finish the development and design course all at once. After completing a workout regimen each day in your dorm, you will be able to wear a specially designed “prescription” gray uniform with which you will be issued an Elite certificate of completion.

Reasonable progress before the optional experiment will be sufficient for most players: you’ll have earned a few dozen 3am gold (Eve’s bonus currency), and, for that matter, a few thousand or so common hours.

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, Eve recommends it will take you three months to fully integrate into the elite super-skills group, which will include an elite skill ribbon badge. According to the blog post, these elite skill badges provide user benefits to those who earn them: they include increased experience levels and battlepoints, the privilege of being able to access automatically advantageous faction/flame types in-game (resulting in more experience/win rate), and the ability to claim private/compartmentalized breaks from the game’s thrall.

In a sense, it seems Eve is encouraging players to spend six months trying to reinvent the wheel, since elite experience is so valuable that a person wouldn’t need to quickly teach themselves how to use any of the skill badges for the sake of potentially landing in the elite pack, which is, granted, a privilege.

As far as prizes are concerned, Eve Players Union (the official entity that oversees the class system of EVE Online) has collected over 4,000 collectible badges through Elites a year, garnering $205,000 in prize money to date. The members’ union organizes the yearly Maturity Weekend, in which those in elite, super-skills gain the privilege of laying claim to exclusive rewards.

If you happen to receive these prestigious after-hours badges for your development and design work, you can dine at Nero’s “Molon Labe”—an exclusive outpost for those named “Eve After Hours” — and select other luxury locations on the showgrounds, all to the begrudging disapproval of an understandably annoyed public.

As far as the exclusivity goes, it’s hard to say what most of the folks who cast their talents into EVE Online’s “after hours” plans may or may not obtain from it. But the perks are certainly worth it, if only because of how great the prestige in achievements keeps getting.

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