Estimate How Many Students Are Learning Online

A new estimate for how many students are learning online has arrived and, far from the 72 percent discussed before, it’s lower.

Estimate How Many Students Are Learning Online

The Costs

Online learning at the high school and college level has ballooned in popularity in recent years.

It is a far different teaching method from classroom lectures to be sure, and there are no substitute for the students’ familiarity with one another and their teachers.

Online education sites and universities give students the chance to access classes on a variety of platforms, and also, arguably, more time and convenience, to focus their learning in the moment rather than rushing to catch the end of one class.

But one of the major benefits of online learning is that you don’t need to venture outside the classroom and ask strangers for help.

It is hard to quantify the number of such students, but according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Education, online learning enrollment is at a plateau. There are more students logging on to take courses now than there were before.

While that sounds good, you should be aware that learning centers are increasingly going cashless and charging college students.

This is a dangerous trend.

Free tutoring, online course administration, and planning services that help you find the best courses are all small, pocket-sized businesses that lend themselves to student patronage.

They stand to benefit as online programs migrate from tuition-only to a much more of a pay-as-you-go model, and not to mention to completely automatic paying cards that provide the added convenience of eliminating student debt.

If the cost of such a program comes as part of a federal Pell Grant or Perkins Loan, students have no problem managing the resulting monthly payments.

If the credits are added to a bank account, you are indirectly affected by the administration of online learning.

Schools and students don’t need to fork over a dime for services such as money management and scheduling help that are provided on every campus.

Students owe only the credit debt and the costs associated with their education, and online college services or services that spread college across multiple platforms, such as skills enhancement, are great, and should be part of any government program.

Partnerships like that are that much more helpful.

The American Opportunity Credit, an incentive for college funding, was recently eliminated, and then reinstated for certain organizations, but it remains a tax-advantaged education benefit that does not pay full tuition.

Students still need to provide their own rent, food, heating, and an entire bank of cheques to attend college.

Students are still required to endure a semester of classes before they can rack up a free credit, and then pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 in tuition to further explore their options.

If you want to learn the most efficient course structure for a particular curriculum, or an open enrollment opportunity, like the national community college model, you will have to rely on this.

University colleges, too, still rely on financial aid that disburses on a weekly or monthly basis and disburses cash, rather than through enrollment fees.

But what if some colleges fell back to providing e-learning packages, period?

What if they paid for everything by having students apply a dollar sign, and then credit college students every time a large purchase that involved the back of their hands has to be paid for?

It may be a bit radical, but it would help make students the center of their learning environment, by becoming the focus of their learning, and more immersed in the learning process as they proceed through their curriculum.

Despite criticism from teachers, and advocates, the high cost of tuition and the pressure on parents to pay for their kids’ education is real, and it presents a unique opportunity to do something about it by pooling resources and becoming more efficient with use of funds.

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