Don’t Waste Your Time Learning What You Already Know Online College

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Don't Waste Your Time Learning What You Already Know Online College

Starting a college degree in a quality field can be challenging, but never less so when choosing a college or university online. Successful college course-takers and those who have recently graduated may already be using online education to improve their current careers and hold on to their lifelong dream of a bachelor’s degree.

But this ability to learn online has its benefits but some pitfalls to guard against that go beyond keeping student information private.

“The best online education is online education that takes place in class,” says Todd Gaytan, former President of Riverwood University and current CEO of Creative Growth Group. “It doesn’t matter how much you know as long as you are encouraged to move forward and provide an interesting exchange of information to your classmates.”

The best online college courses are experienced and sought after by not only students but also experienced professionals with the current knowledge of the industry’s latest trends and analysis. However, some online courses are just boring or confusing when viewed from a distance.

A few years ago, faculty members who taught a topic in high school and middle school or worked at an area college were capable of great knowledge and insight. However, with the increasing influx of students at online universities, these currently viable resources that many schools used to utilize, including those who are job qualified to teach online courses, are no longer readily available. Some students may not be highly skilled enough to handle online training.

Another issue is the impact that many educational institutions can make on students. Starting a college degree is a major financial commitment, and when students are not around during class time to pick up on the concepts they’re being taught they may be harmed by the learning experience.

In addition, the loss of old relationship between students and professors due to distance limits the ability to engage in deeper discussions that will help propel them closer to an accomplishment. Distance is having a negative impact on online education.

Even if you have a solid career and a strong background in the subject, online learning can still expose students to learning online that may not fit their preferences or lifestyle. Consider these six useful ways that online education is more challenging than in-classroom learning to decide whether it is a better option for you.

Why are you online learning when you could still go back to a brick-and-mortar university?

You already know a lot of information that you can and can not share online. With current information available on the internet, it is much easier to find where to find a new job or needed skills.

Online education at a university and in-classroom learning at a neighborhood college can be found in terms of not needing to know a lot of information. However, online learning can provide a similar, more efficient, and more focused experience as doing it in-classroom. Online education can be an excellent additional option for job-seekers and graduates who need to upgrade or develop their career skills. However, students must be prepared to take that leap and decide which type of college option they want to opt for.

Do you need to be taught by someone you already know, or do you need a university instructor to help you learn and apply new research and information?

As the saying goes, a little teaching goes a long way and online education provides that vital education. There are pros and cons that apply to any education method. And most importantly, when it comes to learning online, it’s important to communicate and talk about the benefits and pitfalls of online learning to make the best decision for you.

Where you can benefit from online learning is staying accountable in developing a consistent course schedule to keep a familiar face around the classroom and ensuring that you are consistently applying yourself, learning, and applying the knowledge.

Online learning may save you time, money, and travel requirements and may even give you the tools you need to improve your job skills and abilities. But because it is done online, it is possible to let things go and not hear about topics you haven’t studied yet until you are back in the classroom.

Every college student has to be aware of the toll that distance takes on learning. No matter what the extenuating circumstances may be, there is still time to make smart decisions about which type of college option is best for you.

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