Daphne Koller, What We’re Learning From Online Education

As Vice reported, Slack employee Daphne Koller and co-founder of Khan Academy launched Coursera, a cloud-based online platform for educators. While Coursera’s five-year plan has yet to be revealed, their website describes their mission as, “Working to help people get the education they need anywhere, anytime.

Daphne Koller, What We're Learning From Online Education

Many people have started to realize the huge benefits of online courses. Right now, there are many online education providers who are reaching out to prospective students to educate them. Learning online is actually very expensive. However, if you are low-income or a student that has exceptional academic skills, there are online universities, which are so easy to enroll into that it will not be that difficult for you to make the decision to graduate with your required credits and break free from your worries about finances. This is exactly the kind of student that Daphne Koller has recently decided to start in California and New York.

What is Daphne Koller?

Daphne Koller, also known as Russ Koller, just recently announced that her new business, Coursera, is going to open up two new international locations in New York and California. This may not sound like a big deal, but what Coursera is offering is an amazing university education. The university is so easy to enroll into that it will only cost you a few hundred dollars for the first course and then a few hundred more dollars for each additional semester. People in underprivileged areas of the United States can really benefit from this kind of education. What many underprivileged people don’t understand is that almost every major university in the United States has an online program that is just as good as their brick-and-mortar campuses. Students of all kinds can learn and excel in online courses. However, it takes some courage to enroll in courses that cost hundreds of dollars to actually complete.

While Daphne Koller hasn’t made any comments about her new learning option, she has experienced a lot of criticism from higher education groups over online education. Critics of online education say that it’s not as valuable because it’s not possible to visit each professor as much as a traditional class. They also say that it’s not possible to meet with professors as often as traditional professors. According to critics, online education providers aren’t offering enough guidance to students and it’s very difficult to make a whole curriculum. But, those arguments are invalid. The whole idea of online education is to make learning as easy as possible for students. It also gives people who can’t afford the expensive cost of a brick-and-mortar class the opportunity to spend less money on college. Daphne Koller knows exactly what kind of student she is targeting with her new choices. The variety of students who enrol in Coursera are the underprivileged and those who can’t afford to pay for an actual university education.

True Online Education

Classes are broken down into topics that the students already know, so it’s easy to master and use. No matter what course you take, you will be able to spend at least one semester in your school of choice to graduate. Moreover, in Daphne Koller’s online university, you’ll have access to up to 30 academic staff that are experts in their field. You won’t have to worry about finding a balance between your academics and personal life. There are no hitches to make. Online education lets you learn when you want, where you want, and how you want. If there’s a catch, it’s that online education courses will cost you a lot of money. Some courses will cost over $1,000 and those courses don’t have an alumni.

School is always on your mind and you have your classes loaded with material that you don’t know. While online education won’t let you study your topic of choice as much as a typical classroom, there are other benefits that you will notice immediately. For one, your academic schedule will always be balanced. Not only are you able to attend classes when you want, but you will also have time to go to the movies or take a summer vacation. Plus, there are no worries about graduating. You won’t be burdened with people pulling you out of class to talk about their personal problems because you are already done with your program.

Another thing that you can always tell yourself when you are in class is that you will learn something and that you can always check your progress. Online education is as comprehensive as a university. If you don’t know what you are studying, you can use Coursera and all the courses are connected. You will never forget what you have learned and you will never feel like you’re just studying a concept and not getting a grasp on it.

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