Cracks in Walls Here’s Exactly How Concerned You Should Be

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Cracks in Walls Here's Exactly How Concerned You Should Be

Chip Bagshaw, CNN • Updated 11th October 2018

(CNN) — Cracks in your wall, without any signs of wear or pre-existing problems, is never a good sign. More often than not, it’s a sign of a safety threat or a sign you’re in a sensitive area of a home.

But what are the signs?

To help you identify things that could be causing cracks in walls, here’s a list of common signs to watch out for, sourced from a 2017 issue of National Institute of Building Science’s House Flipping Guide:

–Sink and toilet area may become more sagged, suggesting a foundation safety problem.

–Nooks and crannies in walls above stairs may become more uneven or dry, indicating water intrusion.

–Problem areas may appear to be covered over with paint, a sign of improper usage.

–More cracks may be on the underside of the walls, suggesting moisture could be in the crevices below.

–Hairline cracks may require repair.

Once a situation becomes clearer, you’ll be able to avoid or reduce safety issues.

Improper installation

It’s always a good idea to check every wall on a house before moving or remodeling. Faulty wall installation may cause some of the reasons above, or can tell you about other issues within the structure.

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Are you unsure of what you’re looking at? Take a look at this tip to tell it from an object.

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Sink, toilet area and your foundation

To determine if your foundation is safe, check it out. The presence of any cracks in the foundation can also give an indication of the kind of work required.

Fixing the areas immediately above stairs, or the inside of the wall and roof is a lot simpler than having to redo the entire house and fix many cracks throughout.

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The presence of any cracks in a foundation area may signal problems elsewhere. Source: Mashable

Now open a window

There are a few activities you can take to help spot a crack in your wall.

More commonly, a crack can appear when the thickened wall or ceiling needs to be opened to retrieve a screw or other required object. Therefore, it is advisable to open the window, which is located on the opposite side of the wall from your door.

Another option is to use the light to inspect what’s happening to your wall. If you’re feeling confident that your walls don’t require any major work, but you want to check them anyway, raise your blinds or lower your blinds.

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