Course Hero Which Of The Following Might Be An Indirect Cost Of Online Learning For Institutions?

Many questions loom over the ‘how’ to make curricula that cost less and value students. Our questions.

There are so many tools and technology available to educate and educate students, but few would argue that today’s educational system is failing in its primary goal: to educate. In response to this, there has been a growing emphasis on online learning platforms, whether that’s through a private company offering online courses, or a full-fledged campus with what are known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). While a MOOC has a shared-cost, course credits are a different story and can often run high. But that’s where Course Hero comes in. For one semester, the Chicago-based company has offered its courses to learners, at a zero cost.

Course Hero is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a course company, not a university. Think Udemy, but rather a blank slate and a less stringent MOOC. Course Hero takes virtually all the work out of learning for learners, especially beginners. Course Hero can provide an offline and online learning experience, with video, commentary, and challenges. It will also accept registration fees (about $2 per month) for student access, which is available at no charge.

This semester, Course Hero has released the world’s first entire course portfolio, available for free to any university in the world, and applicable to any professor who wants to embed the program and teach a course through a platform like Course Hero. The courses, each crafted with different courses in mind, span a breadth of subjects from mobile development to animation. There are complete degrees at lower income levels in a variety of subjects to learn more at no cost. So if you’re a teacher in need of more support, this program might not be for you. But if you’re a teacher who already has the right materials to teach MOOCs to students, Course Hero can add a website within it which, they promise, will be over 99 percent ready.

For the incredibly independent and adventurous, who take their careers and their education into their own hands, this is a great opportunity to take online learning one step further.

Instead of free, Course Hero costs a flat fee of about $2 per month and requires your instructor to join the company in order to be able to offer the courses. Course Hero has partnered with a number of universities for student access, which will allow the university to fund its faculty, meaning this company won’t be able to keep the profit. So Course Hero will be a major investment and requires a lot of investment and resources, which an academic school could take advantage of.

There are certain downsides to course subscription.

While these courses are 100 percent free, you do need to have Course Hero’s paid accounts (there are three tiers of the packages). The membership, after the free course, is $29 per semester, which for most is a steep cost and one which could deter students from taking the course. Also, learners wanting access to Course Hero’s customer service options will have to pay a fee to join. One area where Course Hero is an especially good option, however, is the unlimited access to courses.

Even though course subscription is about $2 per month, Course Hero will be running extra programs in the coming months. While only a couple of weeks have been rolled out so far, it will offer not only extensive guides and reference materials, but also classroom sessions that will allow participants to step in and be an active part of a classroom discussion. It’s an entirely unique and different experience that will allow you to experience all the perks of online learning, while getting an authentic and relevant experience with your peers.

So not only will you be able to learn all this online for free for the duration of the year, but this course is free through an experiment where a company puts in a zero cost platform to open up the market. For anyone who knows how important it is to get an “up front cost,” this is the grand prize. It’ll truly give universities a look into how far online learning has come and also provide an experimental way for learners to start a track online and then when it’s time to return it, they’ll have a full course portfolio as well.

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