Challenges People Face When Online Learning

The ‘challenges’ we face as people learning online? How have technological advances helped to build a better online learning environment?

Challenges People Face When Online Learning

To say online learning has become an all-encompassing way of approaching education is an understatement. Social media as well as web cams are among the many ways to go to obtain education, many of which have popped up lately. Some of these new ways of learning offer the convenience of doing classroom attendance while still being able to receive timely feedback. When it comes to the way online education is taught, from studying to completing assessments, challenges exist, and many students find that the methods are not as readily available as they wish they were. To find out how students generally find learning these days, we’ll dive into the challenges that students face when using online education for everything from grammar quizzes to multiple choice exams.

Challenges of Online Learning

The first challenge students will face when using online learning is having access to the computers they need to take the exams. While some computers can be brought into classrooms and accessed, like computers that are reserved for students who participate in class via computer, there are many instances when students will use on-campus PCs, as well as other devices including iPads. This makes one of the most common parts of online education something that students have to contend with; they can’t always have the computers they need at their disposal. This is problematic because many students will have to wait to take exams until those computers are available to do so.

There are also other issues that can arise when trying to use online learning as a whole. One thing many students might find difficult when using online learning is their lack of contact with the professors and staff that are teaching them. It is generally more convenient to interact with real-world students than it is with a disembodied voice telling them what to do. If a professor can communicate with students by email and students can seek out that expert, then that’s an easy way to make sure that students are having an accurate assessment and understanding.

Challenges of Online Learning While at Work

Much of what happens during class times can go unreported. It would not be practical for students to walk into a meeting room and expect that any information provided will be available to them right then and there. What’s more, it could take a significant amount of time before that meeting is able to happen. If there are class exams that need to be taken before that meeting can actually begin, it will be more advantageous for students to be able to sit down at their desks in the morning with their own classrooms ready to go.

Another challenge for many teachers is one of indecision. When students find out which courses to complete, they can make informed decisions about what they want to study. They will often feel more comfortable that way, as they have previously researched the material and can compare notes from class to classes they attend during the same semester. This gives students more of a mental picture of what they need to learn when they attend class. If one’s mind is already set, then no amount of studying will likely shake that decision, while if a student’s mind is still working through its learning, then an online class may not be the best place to be when their mind is still getting the information they need.

Looking Ahead

There are a number of other challenges that come with online learning. Aside from lack of contact, there’s the issue of needing to question self. It is difficult for many students to leave themselves open to further study and self-evaluation. If their minds are still working on solving problems or learning how to engage in relationships, students may have to go to Internet classes where learning on their own is needed in order to pass the exams. However, when students study on their own, they often receive more the answers they are seeking, and there may be a better ability to see how they are progressing as they go along.

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