Carmen Sandiego Where In The Usa Online Learning Company

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Carmen Sandiego Where In The Usa

Learning is great. So is teaching people about it. Learning online, however, is even better, especially if you happen to be very good at learning. I never get tired of constantly clicking all around the internet and learning all about learning with wonderful Learn To Code sites like Learn To Code and Edgy Learning. What is even better are the awesome sites, like Coursera and Udemy, that let you learn new things by collaborating with other people and by doing something you actually enjoy!

In my case, being very easy on the eyes, I learned to code by “advertising it” at an online company. When you work as a staff writer on Business Insider, which is run by a guy named Henry Blodget (est. 53), you find yourself falling into a career very similar to that of Santana Love in Goonies… milking cows, walking through tunnels with Thomas Fiske, etc. and generally just doing whatever it takes to make sure you get your work done. I watched one of my editors (the one who markets all this programming, yes, that kind of thing) learn code by clicking on a link and running a contest about it on Quora. He “only” had to learn it for ten minutes, but to me, it was like a full day in the life.

And now, I have worked up the courage to challenge my editor to teach me some coding. But, I’ll call this off as soon as he says he’s able to teach me, because he is… I mean, he’s on the team. He is coding on an actual computer that can handle it. But, instead of him teaching me, I will just get as many students, as many teachers (people with app development and amazing guest teachers, as well), and work with the programmers as I can to improve things. The only people with access to code on a computer are now the writers and my management team (I want the writers to get more recognition and I also have to tell them what they can and can’t do). We will all be working together to make sure things go smoothly. Because that’s the whole point of any endeavor. If it isn’t working out, then someone needs to fix it.

“If you look at the larger world of tech you can’t see its sum as much as you look at the parts,” my colleague here tells me. He has been taking coding classes for a long time. However, he thinks that content alone isn’t good enough to build a company. He has to know how to code, “or you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

I’m already pushing my editors a little harder. Like, more “advertising” saying, “Here are three code lessons. I think I got them all covered.” Because, although I’m really good at saying “Here’s how you do this,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that I know how to do it, no matter how much we make that clear. So I know that I need to start thinking of ways that I can get my teammates a little more excited about coding, so they can learn and even start collaborating on developing. I am so honored that you trust me enough to bring this to you here.

All of which brings me to my continued challenge to the editor, “Bring the students. Let’s learn together!” “I think we can!” you say, nodding while holding one of those “Here’s how to do this” boards and knowing that I am going to try for all of us to get to graduate school before the end of the year.


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