Blended Learning How To Integrate Online And Traditional Learning

Blended learning is a great way to reach students who are busy, rarely around for traditional school days. School doesn’t always work that way for college or students getting ready for or taking college entrance exams.

Blended Learning How To Integrate Online And Traditional Learning

Blended learning is undoubtedly becoming a very important part of the learning process for students. The online and traditional learning experiences are now perfectly blended together with the emergence of software allowing students to personalize learning experience according to their own interests and needs.

In today’s digital age, online classes are very popular as it offers student convenience, mastery in less time, chance to make new friends, and the chance to attend school for free. This teaching method is believed to be fulfilling education goal, provide students with technology as an integrated tool for learning, to incorporate cultural diversity, and to measure student learning independently and automatically.

Its main function is to provide a way to learn in practical way which has a higher efficiency. If a student has an easier time than a traditional professor does, there is a huge potential to get the student improved faster. So, what is the difference between online learning and traditional learning? Its power lies in the utilization of technology, how to best use this technology for this specific class, so it provides various benefits and opportunities for the students.

Here are some things to consider, the online and traditional learning are both taught the same way. Traditional means of teaching more convenient methods and easier styles, online means offering students with challenges, more options, more time and it helps you create a reading history in the course for easy reference.

However, the following are some important differences between online and traditional learning:

Online education means you have full freedom to put your own course which may work to your advantage or hurt your chances of getting good grades. This means if you didn’t write the syllabus before the start of the class or haven’t made any effort to write for maximum possible class time then there’s good chance you won’t succeed to pass the class successfully and will have to stand the test of time and handle the academic responsibility for a course you have never even listened to or even heard about. In terms of checking grades, online means you have complete freedom to read and assess your own grades through the review tool and print your feedback or output.

Also, all your classmates’ grades from the course are always available.

Online Learning costs more when compared to traditional education, it’s more expensive to buy the online learning system online and online programmes. One online learning system, for example, you can buy it for around 8000 for the full year course.

Finally, online learning comes with many advantages, like change every question or a few questions, choose your own speakers, find and contact classmates, break up classes into various sections, determine where a student should concentrate his/her work, record lectures, sync your textbooks and essays to the online system etc.

On the other hand, the traditional practice comes with a higher price, is more difficult to maintain, creates a stack of copies of the student’s work, have faculty in the classroom, use the traditional books, and complete extensive grading, none of these benefits apply to online learning.

So how do students can be happy with their decision about online and traditional learning? If you go by the above, then the online class is great and offers students the best opportunities at lower cost. You are able to check your own grades without paying. Online books are much easier to read and search and you can search online course materials for free. And you are able to take an online test and get your grades instantly. Plus, it’s easier to find a classmate or friends and coordinate team work.

Instead of spending a lot of money on buying the traditional programs, it’s very possible to sell the next semester’s report card instead of buying the book.

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