Black Desert Online Learning How To Cook

The black sea always make a very tasty feast, but how to make what you get tastier. Here is a lesson on black sea recipes.

Black Desert Online Learning How To Cook

Black Desert Online is fun and extremely addicting for people of all ages and skill levels. You’ll be spending hours in your dungeon hunting through missions to save the kingdom from being taken over by monsters and the inevitable Wunits Plague. You’ll be solving puzzles and items you’ve bought to upgrade your army’s defenses, weapons, and armour. In this gallery I’m going to show you how to cook and add food to your inventory.

Your first piece of information is about the food that the characters you’ve fought will eat. According to the wikipedia description, this can get a bit dicey. Sometimes you’ll get some alien things that you don’t want to eat and sometimes you’ll get some cauldrons from the potions you’ve gathered in the dungeons. The easiest thing to do is to have the characters heal to get nutrition while you eat the food and then add more items to their stock in their inventory.

You can put a special weapon or one that’s deemed a good source of nutrition to your inventory. Again, this can get dicey as they can drop a lot of cauldrons. Just be aware that if you do happen to come across a mystery weapon, it may be from an alien world and you may not be sure how to put it into your inventory. These cauldrons can be collected from chests in the dungeons, the tribe’s fortress or by going into a cave.

Another interesting thing about Black Desert Online is the foodstuff that will be found inside special items like the dalla, bludgeon and daggers. Many of these food items need to be harvested. You can go through one of the strange gold mining villages and collect gold that’s given to you for chores like hunting or farming. You may also come across an animal that has some special properties to it that requires some other type of harvesting. Once you harvest it, you can sell it or use it as a decoration in your dungeon. The dalla is found in mushrooms that are spread in different types of locations.

Let’s look at some of the foods that you will consume in the main game. At your beginning stage of the game, you’ll start to make small choices in your lording over the kingdom. Those choices often end up with you making major sacrifices in the city for your allies. Before you commit to running back to your lair for more food and weapons, you may want to look into a foodstuff like the dalla to assist you with a consistent supply. You’ll likely be far better off trying to defend against monsters and armed with this weapon.

The unicorn loom is a great machine to help you with your hoards. This machine is capable of pulling anywhere from one to hundreds of animals back to your kingdom. I often found myself having the urge to run to the upper reaches of my lair and bring more animals back to the city and that’s usually when the cancer rolls in. You’ll be able to replenish your hoards with buff and help them gain more strength, agility and energy.

The safari is one of the major activities in Black Desert Online. You’ll get a chance to wander across the kingdom talking to the different tribes that populate the area and spending their minerals to provide you with valuable items. When you get to a big city, you’ll most likely come across the strong rulers and powerful individual leaders that have been seen tearing through the hills and surrounding lands.

For the weaker ones, like the city dwellers, you’ll have to go to the mercantile shops. These are where you will find minerals that can be used to strengthen and upgrade your army. You’ll want to use your star’s value wisely and spend the most precious minerals that will come with a strong leadership.

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