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Let’s face it: We know how useful it is to learn to code for college applications, personal resume shows, even in existing professions. The world of high tech and jobs has made coding requirements everywhere, and your resume, dreams and money depends on it.

But can you even write code yourself? For the past decade, coding bootcamps like General Assembly and Codecademy have been offering coding courses to jump-start more computer coding-savvy people. These time-intensive training programs generally require two months of attending classes and practice to master a language like Java, to name a popular example.

Now those experiences are being replaced by a new type of bootcamp: the online coding academy. These less expensive classes—many of which are surprisingly cheap if you plan to apply—only require a computer to access their lessons, making coding possible for anyone.

Plus, online bootcamps require less of you in the way of time or money than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. As the industry continues to expand, you’ll find that virtual bootcamps are increasingly easy to access. Most offer academic qualifications in computer science, but be aware that not all do, and some of the schools only require passing a short exam in order to enroll. Make sure to go with the program that meets your educational needs and that offers the type of coding experience you want.

With so many options, it can be daunting to pick your first bootcamp. Here are a few resources to get you started:


ReadyNWrite, like a middle school introductory algebra class, leads you through this step-by-step coding puzzle. The first week is the intro to the simplest code you’ll encounter—whatever the problem looks like—but the rest is all about figuring out how to generate the code.

Having completed a week’s worth of intensive instruction, you’ll have tools and skills to master what’s on the website. Within two to four weeks, you should be able to input and layout code in an adaptive, real-time feedback loop.


TutorBrief learns the language, and as the program progresses, it assumes other skills that you do not have. If you haven’t yet learned JavaScript, you might be limited to the basics, but you’ll be able to take a look at the power of the language for yourself.

Even better, you might even get to try out the language, using it to write your own hacks and code. Even better still, once you’ve taken TutorBrief, you’ll be ready to take on any coding courses. If you’re more skilled, you might even move from ToterBrief to another more complex program.

In Foundations

This program, from the DPLA, teaches coding basics in the simplest language. Though you’ll have to learn the basics, no individual program is too difficult. Your beginners coding courses should teach some fundamental aspects of the field, such as syntax, lessons and topics. Check out other DPLA courses that teach specific coding skills, such as HTML and CSS.

Code Academy

Code Academy is small, but offers a lot of on-demand programs that are available in-browser for free, or you can pay by the hour. For most of their programs, Code Academy has local instructors who lead programming bootcamps through interactive video, teaching you more complicated coding.

If you live in a large city, Code Academy has small in-person bootcamps. If not, the instructors are active on Twitter and YouTube, so you can see their great tips and tricks!

Give them a try! I’m here to help you with all your future career questions. Read more here!

With the variety of resources and courses on the web, you can pick a coding bootcamp and customize the program to your needs. What’s your favorite online platform? Find out about good places to attend bootcamps, look up tuition and tips on bootcamps. Today, skilled programmers across the world are working to make sure you have a lifelong career opportunity.

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