Best Online Resources For Learning How To Type

It may seem like unspeakably long days, but you’re not alone if you’re trying to learn how to type. Here are some of the best online resources for helping you learn how to type on the go.

Best Online Resources For Learning How To Type

Will letters be something that you either opt for or live without for the rest of your life? Does it really matter? It could be a matter of style, and what your career path is. It could also be a question of convenience, and whether you want to be shown a new font, or learn a useful website.

Right now, you have more than 200 options in your name selection option that you can choose from, and that’s just the start. There are also choices about the font type, the color, and even which letter represents which character. That’s a lot of possibilities, and that’s why you need to have someone you can trust to help you figure out how to type. And to do that, you need an excellent resource.

A Beginner Guide To Reading Tools Learn how to type simply

Using the Google Chrome Web Store, you can download some killer fonts such as Sans-serif Bold (pro tip: get a look at Chrome’s forthcoming Fonts, too) and Helvetica as well as email-friendly fonts like Parrot Mouse Sans and Vanilla Navy. Some of these fonts are even optimized for the smaller display size of your computer and tablet.

So, just browsing through this infinite search resource would be a great way to learn how to type. But where to start? How about going to your browser’s ‘Tools’ menu and narrowing it down to your address. You could browse through all your Chrome fonts, but the best way to do this is to begin with your name as your first preference. Next, turn your browsers gear icon around so you’re in the address bar. Check out the line of apps displayed there. You should see five options – ‘Tools,’ ‘Preferences,’ ‘Bookmarks,’ ‘Download,’ and ‘Tools > All.’

Scroll down and find the font selection check box. Double check that you are in the Type Size to fit your screen, which is to your finger size, and double check that your preferences are correct. Next, click Continue and select the font you want, hit Browse, and then click Continue to begin your lessons. That’s it! Now you’re on your way to becoming a proficient typist.

Nothing should be more important than learning how to type, and it doesn’t have to be a complex skill. That’s because keyboard fundamentals and taking care of your keyboard (never stop clicking your mouse) are more important than learning how to type. Linguist and computer programming advisor Ian Morris recommends that you use the keyboard as much as possible when texting and reading, but when it comes to writing, the keyboard is generally a solid option. It’s well-documented that the typing lag is one of the biggest detriments to hitting the keys. That’s where Tabs comes in.

When you create new tabs, you can sometimes enter them without realizing it; try to see if you have a tab open right in front of you. If you’re good at Tabs you can basically skim-type, using the pauses to produce a sentence or to open more information. There’s a joy in typing out words, and you’ll find it when you’re trying to type out a short message to your girlfriend or dad. It’s also ideal for other less-ideal situations. That’s where dibs comes in, because dibs is a handy extension that lets you add back-tables (a page featuring a timeline), call-ins, and additional contents to your browser tabs.

Having a universal HTML5-enabled browser is what really sets you apart. What’s good about Chrome is that HTML5 (which is open source, just like HTML and Javascript) allows you to add modules to your web pages that can automatically open in your extensions tab. And when you’re in that tab, all you have to do is double-click a tab and a normal browser window will open up. You can see in the screenshot above that you can add a special function to your web page, which can be especially useful when you want your correspondence to be published on social media, or if you want to open a Google Doc in a new tab.

Knowing how to type is a big deal, but learning how to type is truly everything. You’ll feel a lot better once you learn to type correctly and easily. While learning how to type is complicated and technical, it doesn’t have to be. On the other hand, since you’ve already chosen a font of your choice, that’s only half the story. The other half is knowing how to use the font and how to write with it. That’s why having an excellent font-learning resource like this is important.

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