Best Online Free Resource For Learning How To Draw

Learning how to draw can be a complicated and time-consuming process, but thanks to the digital world, you don’t have to spend all your time taking practice courses. Online services are offering students an easy solution for learning how to draw.

Drawing helps us interact with our surroundings in ways we can’t do with other media forms like videos and pictures. Drawers are self-contained areas where we are allowed to create, manipulate, and store any images we want. No more squinting to see from distance, or to fix glasses on your lens. No more flicking shapes around on a tablet, or scrolling through screens on smartphones.

Here are the top 10 best online resources for learning how to draw. Some of these might interest you if you have plans to become a professional or if you are just learning a new skill, like how to draw pixelated QR codes.

Drawtastic – Great free compendium for learning how to draw.

Drawtastic Plus – Free beginner drawing books by the creator of Drawtastic, Onelmson. The other books teach you how to make your own versions of famous works, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Pablo Picasso. There are also virtual workshops to help you learn the basics.

Drawr – Allows you to draw from a blank sheet of paper, or even use multi-coloured pens and pencils and pencils. At Playspace, my husband and I have learned how to draw with this fantastic app to make our own intimate figurines of each other. There are plenty of different materials to work with, from high gloss to matte, and line thicknesses to allow you to create an original work.

Draws Out – In this free app, you create paintings in pre-set ideas, then save the your work to share or print. You can upload original works with your artistic vision. Using free tools, like Easy Brushes, you can make precise lines or just squint your eyes. It’s a fun way to learn how to draw.

Drawicons – Drawing the alphabet as you draw. There are lots of different options, from creating swags or rectangles, to defining each letter to create separate components. As each letter is hand-drawn, you can draw larger or smaller objects, more or less of each letter. It really gets the whole structure of letters right.

Drawing Room – This is for artwork that you can leave around the house. If you wish to share, there are charts and details of how to do that.

Drawing studio – You can learn how to make one to twenty 3D face masks to study. The masks come in four different styles – stick-figure, dragon, nutcracker, and shadow mask – and the structures are all interactive.

Codes-Oh Ya! – Uses keyboard tools to give you the ability to make 3D objects with the tips of your fingers. The big challenge with this app is a lack of ink blots to help keep you from doing the worst post-drawing facial expression possible.

Art by Lars – These intuitive pens are designed for beginners and experience artists alike. The Pen Canvas, feels like a pair of gloves. It is pressure-sensitive, allowing you to easily make a ruler line or a pointed line.

Graphy – Composer MosaicArtist and Get Kanoodle both uses the same tools you use on graph paper. However, Graphy is free and Kanoodle is $10.

DiEtica – This fantastic drawing app for Mac is ideal for mixing video games with art work.

Lowy – From making a line of text on paper, you can convert it to another printable form by editing it on your computer with Lowy.

Snaps Pen – These free standard-sized digital pens are great for artists. You can color, write on, or highlight text on the page by using simple strokes.

Drawing With a Spectrum of Effect – In this free interactive app, you can create fun works of art by focusing or overworking specific areas of your drawing. Working from within a simple grid of cells, you get a different feedback every time you draw a grid.

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