Best Books For Learning How To Make Money Online

Our Lists team has compiled the best books you can read to help you get a leg up in the online world.

Best Books For Learning How To Make Money Online

Who says you have to be an expert on something to make money online? Smart advice on successfully making your living online is only a matter of steps away — and these books help you learn all the way along.

“Today, you only need the confidence to do what you love,” says Chris Brogan in Who Will Buy It? How to Make Money Online. “The rest is just figuring out how to monetize what you’re passionate about.” In this amazing, short, inspiring and helpful book, Brogan illustrates what it really takes to build an online brand (and make money for it), and how to achieve this through creativity, perseverance and the right attitude. Brogan not only is an online influencer and influencer coach himself, but he has managed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars working off his passions through what he calls a “lifestyle vs. a career model.”

For even more entrepreneurial ideas and resources for your upcoming online lives, then get your dose of empowerment in Business School by Chris Brogan. In his book, he delves deep into the startup process of today’s digital brands. His unique style of discussing a startup mentality reflects the way entrepreneurs and long-term inkers lead change. When successful, this style can be shared with others, helping them solve their own entrepreneurial problems and take their businesses to the next level. Here is also a great volume for anyone starting their own career in the digital world.

What is entrepreneurship, you may ask? “Entrepreneurship is you and you alone,” as Mom Brain points out. While that’s a great place to start, the next stage, prioritizing and developing a personal strategy and also scaling beyond a 5-person shop, is where the important work happens. While a company can have its ups and downs, business success is often a function of how you manage your time. Being a good businessman requires creating more space in your life and time to do what matters to you. Investing in your own time and building that life around your interests is how an entrepreneur keeps that company at the top of its game, as revealed in Crash Course Entrepreneurship by Robert Sutton.

To thrive, you need to be willing to put effort in. Choose up close, as it is impossible to keep watching a Seinfeld marathon unless you are committing to it. Just that is just one example of how jumping in deep to learn valuable life lessons in any area of life — professional, personal, spiritual, etc. — makes you a better human. Go deeper into what you care about, and then you will be more able to create whatever your passions are.

That is why you should read Anything You Want To Be: The Art of Learning to Thrive, by Delia Derksleitner and Theodore Jordan. This light-hearted read provides the most valuable lessons of any book on success. If you ever feel like you are stuck, which happens often in life, because of no direction, here are some key tips to leap off that proverbial ledge and get moving toward the feeling you want.

“Don’t let anyone hold you back,” encourages one guest-judge in Money From Your Head: How to Make Your Money Working the Internet, written by Gary Vaynerchuk. This is the kind of advice you could use in your own career — because there are no guarantees in business, but every start-up has a chance. That is a freedom that most people in today’s digital landscape desperately need. And this book will give you all the things you need to realize your entrepreneurial dreams and abilities.

Truly, every day can be the most important day of your life — if you seize every opportunity that comes your way. By reading these books you not only will be able to take control of your life, but also find more opportunities to run with and help others along the way.

Zachary Gordon is a writer who has turned his passion for web design into a thriving career in the digital age. He is an entrepreneur himself, as the sole proprietor of BigTent Advertising, a public relations firm specializing in nontraditional marketing strategies for technology startups and social media campaigns. Zachary is also the co-founder of He can be found here.

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