Articles Of Why Online Learning Is Not As Effective As A Traditional Classroom

Online learning was advertised as the potential game changer for higher education, but in reality, it is simply substituting the classroom for a far smaller distance over the same amount of time.

For students who previously preferred skipping classes and spending every spare minute on Facebook and Instagram, returning to the classroom may seem like an odd choice. But some students decide to actually take that trip into the sunset, and have learned surprising things from becoming more academically engaged online.

We’ve all spent some time browsing these websites, eating lattes, scrolling, and reading articles that we found all interesting. While we never quite felt like we were learning the particular information, we saw it as an outlet for some personal relaxation. In a way, we felt like we were doing homework, but with no classroom boundaries. To each their own, but can the ease of this online learning experience affect a student’s learning? While some believe that we would rather be “learning by doing,” there’s some research that may surprise you…

In studying 1,509 undergraduates, Dartmouth College researchers identified four behaviors typical of undergraduates who multitask at higher-than-average rates. Some of the top online learning platforms offer new benefits, and do offer content that is high-quality and relevant to the student’s school requirements. Here are a few reasons that online learning may not be as efficient as a traditional classroom.

Do you find yourself missing studying for a class?

Well, it turns out that it could be a good thing. While you might miss staying connected with friends in class, you may learn a lot more from your morning post on Reddit or a forum about race.

In addition, schools and students alike are currently expecting academic performance from students outside the classroom. How students connect with peers outside of class is of great interest. By studying high-quality online learning, you can personalize your education and learn more over time, while you devote yourself to learning professionally-relevant information.

Diversifying Your Mindset

As people get older, they get less interested in studying or learning new things. In fact, studies have shown that individuals over the age of 25 are much less interested in educational pursuits.

What this means is that if you want to succeed in the future, don’t limit yourself to courses and classes as you got older. Think differently about learning and what you want to accomplish in the future. By learning outside of the classroom, you can change your mindset and learn new ways to embrace learning.

Who’s Watching?

One of the interesting aspects of online learning is that it gives you a high level of independence.

Our age has shown that we become more dependent on others in the world. We spend a great deal of time with people, and many of us experience the joy and relief of spending time with other people. Those opportunities, whether in a formal context or through social media, create a great environment for expanding our perspective of the world and learning from new people.

While students usually find a way to stay connected with their instructors, the transition from the classroom to the internet has its own challenges. If you’re going to use an online platform or app, it’s best to choose one that offers support for transitioning from traditional to online learning. For example, Coursera has built a tool to make the transition to online learning easier.

Seeing Results

While it may be easier to find fun activities to do outside of your class, you are likely a bit less immersed in your schoolwork.

So, is it really possible to have fun and be successful at a higher level of academic study? The answer might be yes! With a little practice, you can discover new ways to explore your interests and connect with other people.

In a way, the easiest way to learn is to just enjoy learning. Is there enough evidence to suggest that online learning offers improved outcomes than other forms of learning? Yes, there is. As education, engagement, and academic performance rise, online learning will find its own place among traditional learning.

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