Apex Learning Online German How Many Hours Study

Apex Learning Online German The hours you dedicate to study have an effect on the success of your career.

Apex Learning Online German How Many Hours Study

There are 23 German school days per year. During the next five years, 100 million students will be learning from the online educational platform, Apex Learning.

Today, Apex Learning is a fast-growing German subscription learning company with millions of students from 90 countries around the world. Apex Learning created a road map, together with some of the world’s top university professors, to increase the accessibility and access to education, improve its quality and improve its value.

Today, Apex Learning provides 360-degree reading, writing, language acquisition, and computing courses to more than 25 million global students. Its sign-up process, which mainly involves a very simple portal and a product registration, is trusted by students and teachers and was reported as more efficient, simple and hassle-free than those of many other online courses. Our global brand, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year, is one of the biggest for Germany. Apex Learning is gaining momentum fast. Apex Learning is easily one of the top ten players in the global subscription learning market, with a market share of 25% (Q3 2018).

● Our largest customer groups are from France, Germany, France, the UK, and USA.

● Our user growth rate has been three times that of the industry average, reaching double digit percentage growth twice in the past two years.

● Our most frequently returned products and classes have a higher number of enrolments than all other subscription courses.

● 98% of our students spend more than 3 hours per month on the platform. This rise is supported by a record growth in the number of learners, 1.7 million in 2017.

● 85% of our users share our learning content on social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Messenger, etc.). We have also managed to produce 45 new games, both online and offline and more than 5,000 new feature-rich books.

● We are continuously improving our one-stop-experience library.

● We are being helped by more than 20 million guest students in 190 countries via our website’s engagement and community platforms (which have both more than 50,000 active visitors per month and some 1.6 million monthly active users).

● And since August 2018, the most frequent words employed by our customers are “community”, “surrounding experience”, “solution” and “relevant”, the most important words from today’s education industry.

● The world-famous research by France Télévisant gives strong proof to Apex Learning’s superior quality and customer service.

● The Apex Learning University (Ötesamts Duvernay) is ranked #1 in the “Web Staffing/ Staffing Staffing Agency App (HQ)” categories. The BA (Hons) German BA is ranked second in this category.

“Apex Learning’s passion to support education continues to increase every day. Our students want the most engaging products and a personalized study program,” says Kai Kirsch, founder and CEO. “We are very proud of what we have achieved in the past five years. I am extremely proud of my employees, whom I consider as very talented, very strong and very talented people. We have not only developed a great company, but also a powerful brand that is just gaining momentum!”

About Apex Learning

Headquartered in Cologne, Apex Learning is a hybrid company offering access to the best knowledge for the smartest people. Our mission is to improve the entire learning continuum from children to adults. We create innovative learning communities, enhance the faculty’s ability to deliver intellectual stimulus, and provide students with unique access to top professors from all over the world.

Today, over four million students are learning and collaborating on Apex Learning. To find out more, visit www.arxstainment.com

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