An Online Learning Platform Which Aim Is To Develop Computerized System For Students

A new online learning platform, Catapult, has been developed to supplement and supplement traditional textbooks and teaching materials.

An Online Learning Platform Which Aim Is To Develop Computerized System For Students

Finding the right college for your child will be a full-time task. There are dozens of factors to consider, including financial aid, majors, location, and even how good the faculty are. Ultimately, the student is going to decide which college is right for him or her. If he or she wants to choose a good computer science department, the process is pretty easy to accomplish.

Learning computer science isn’t all that different from studying any other subject, provided that computer science majors have the proper technology skills and network of connections to make a great difference in the world of business. Echelon, an online learning platform, is looking to do this on behalf of students across the globe.

What is Echelon?

Echelon, founded in 2016, began as a technology solution focused on making it easier for tech companies to find an advantage within their network by associating with top engineering talent. Today, the goal of the organization is to apply the learnings of its solution to help students build their careers in computer science.

How Does Echelon Work?

By offering its services to companies large and small, Echelon makes a strong case for making computer science accessible for everyone in order to produce the most knowledgeable, best-educated workforce in the world. It wants to be the go-to organization for anyone who believes they may not fit into a school’s computer science program.

Through the service, both sides can connect through a range of expertise. Businesses can enlist the help of an Echelon leader, who is a recognized, industry expert in an engineering role, to provide guidance in choosing which engineering program is right for their employees. The Echelon leader serves as the link between the students and the campus-based engineering departments. On the other side, colleges can recruit engineering students from around the world, regardless of location.

So, how does it work exactly?

With a small markup, students who enroll with Echelon can receive scholarships that range from $300,000 to $800,000. Scholarships from Echelon are even available on different levels of need and have a variety of traits. For example, there are scholarships that can be available to students who already have $40,000 in debt or more and need to use those funds to pay for college.

Who can enroll?

Echelon’s most popular educational option is the eCampus Promise. In this program, students from any college or university can begin their studies online. By taking a number of courses over the course of three semesters, they can begin earning credits towards a bachelor’s degree.

The offer also allows for transfer students to take courses toward a bachelor’s degree. And if the coursework was completed while enrolled in an academic program, students will have a chance to earn their degree. All of the online courses are the same as if a student was at the school in question. Students also receive updates from Echelon every semester, and there are opportunities to connect with mentors.

A number of schools have participated in this program, including Yale University, Dartmouth College, Harvard, and Caltech. With these schools serving as the models, Echelon believes that it has a strong foundation of education, training, and tools that could spread throughout the world.

The end result of this online education program is huge. School principals can now offer courses they’ve taught to students and the time needed to prepare students for a demanding career will be preserved. The program is allowing students the opportunity to make the most of their education and attain the best degree and certification possible. In turn, employers will be able to find highly trained employees who have the necessary skills to do the work they want to do.

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