Albion Online Why Cant I Spend My Learning Points

After a recent question about computer software, I got to thinking: I’m sure you’ve had these questions before. But this one about Albion Online was new.

A question/question-and-answer format.

(It’s unusual for something to be so often a question or question-and-answer format. But I’m no mathematician. This is a random, jokey thing I made up, and what have I ever done with humor?)

I have one question I ask clients every time they see me: “What is your passion?” I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had some sort of career passion. The problem is that this question gets ignored a lot of the time. Because passion comes out of trying. No one knows what it will be until they dive in. It can take years to figure it out. This is a problem.

I am an English teacher. If you taught English (as opposed to English as a second language) in America, you would be reasonably well known. You would probably have to perform on national television in some way to make money. (Don’t worry, I’m not teaching kids English. And there’s a bit of a list of some of the great English teachers of all time.) So maybe that goes a long way to showing you how common this question is and how hard it is for you to make it in the real world. You’re spending so much time finding your passion, asking for opportunities to show it, etc., that you may actually start to wonder if you really care about what you’re doing. How can you stay passionate about what you’re doing if it’s not all you think it is?

I’m not saying this happens all the time. I’m not saying a lot of teachers are not tough, smart, dedicated people who will get up at 4 AM and go to another country on a school trip with six other people. I’m not saying that all teachers have no passion for their work or for whatever profession they are in. I’m saying that sometimes people who have decided to teach English are already feeling a little unfulfilled in their careers.

This question feels good because it’s unvarnished. I’ve done lots of practice with people. The best questions in the world don’t mean anything unless they’re direct and honest. They have to be open-ended.

I was reading Emma Straub’s new book The Man Who Ate Everything. I’m huge Emma Straub fan, so it felt really good to have this book as background reading.

Her book is about finding your passion at every age and being able to say “I’m really interested in that. Here’s what I want to do.” Here’s what it’s going to take for me to be happy doing this. Here’s how I’m going to find people to partner with and teach in the classroom to get this done. Here’s what I need to make sure happens in the class before I teach it.

Straub was a writer and art director. She was married and a mom of two small kids. She worked as a book illustrator, and then had breast cancer and went into a cancer survivorship center for women.

Then she thought she was finally done with a respectable career. She was really good with kids, she said, but she couldn’t bring herself to take on kids as employees. She was kind of devastated because she’d had such wonderful bosses at another company that she idolized and had worked her butt off to get to that point.

Turns out that in her job, it was her job to make everything comfortable. Even her own — her art director boss at the house painting company. She hated how the company treated employees. And it was up to her to make sure it was comfortable enough for her to do her job. And then she was jealous of the work she was doing there.

In other words, she was feeling unfulfilled. I can’t say I blame her.

I have been in the teaching profession for many years. I tried a lot of things after high school to figure out what I wanted to do. I attended a lot of schools for college. My roommates at the time both had crazy jobs and never felt that, despite those jobs, they were fulfilled in any way. They thought it was just fake, they thought they weren’t actually doing anything. For a long time, they were heartbroken by that.

I knew that something needed to change. My job opened its arms to me and I went in and did a lot of research, hitting all the usual questions in the career advice books: “What would you like to do after high school?” “If you graduate from

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