Albion Online When Can I Use Learning Points

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Albion Online When Can I Use Learning Points

It’s no secret that many college campuses aren’t perfect places to study or learn. Time is often over-crowded, lectures are long and there’s no clear “right” class to take. However, if you have college credit hours from a year prior to enrolling in school or graduation, there’s a chance you’re eligible for perks and other benefits beyond credits. Here are a few questions to ask your college to determine if there are plans for recognizing the almost five hours you put in per semester.

When can I use Learning Points?

If you’re an existing Albion College graduate, you are 100 percent likely to receive a Learning Point from your school. Albion doesn’t guarantee access to all of the Learning Points awarded through their fall/spring semesters, but they do encourage students to submit points in all fall/spring semesters. If you find some fall/spring quarters don’t use all of your Learning Points, you can request a Learning Point extension. You can also approach Student Services during a class and ask to be exempted from school.

If you’re a new student and are entering for the first time as a fall or spring student, you must first seek permission from Student Services in order to receive a Learning Point. If your parent(s) who did not have an Albion credit card applied for a card when you were younger, you may be granted access to credit worth up to a Learning Point.

How many Learning Points are there?

Albion does not have a stated cap on the number of points available. While students in residence halls are typically assigned to their degree upon graduation and access to credits, they may also be able to take and submit student code. Students who attend classes at the Bryan Center or other campuses may be able to pull on their Learning Points as well. Students who are new to school must first submit a school identification card for access to a Learning Point.

How can I transfer my credits from another school?

Students who transferred from any of the colleges and universities listed below may transfer their credits to Albion. For more information on how to transfer credits, see Allocation of Tuition Benefits.

If you’re already attending Albion, do not transfer from Albion. Students attending other colleges and universities are granted a charter to attend Albion after submitting a letter to the Office of Admission and Financial Aid verifying their new, non-affiliated school.

What if I do not have an Albion alumni card or a verification of credit form?

Students who do not have alumni cards or proof of credit forms must attend a Class Day with the Albion Alumni Association. They must provide documentation from an individual who did not have an Albion Alumni card or who was not enrolled at Albion College in the fall of 2018. The OWTA will provide the students with information that can be used to verify their eligibility to use Learning Points during the summer of 2019. Students who attend the student meeting must also provide information with a photograph or signature of their principal, parent or guardian (in order to fill out eligibility forms) in order to receive documentation that can be used to verify eligibility during the summer of 2019.

In the event that a graduate can’t attend a Class Day because of a change in residence, students may be selected to receive consideration for enrollment in a Skill Academy. These include Worcester Technical High School and High School of Worcester.

If a student does not need to utilize a Skill Academy, there are other possible pathways toward a scholarship. Several sites including the and offer scholarships in varying amounts to eligible students with a minimum of 10 or more Learning Points.

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