Albion Online What Are The Learning Points Added

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At Orion Online, we feel that we have the next big thing in e-learning. We offer a free, professional experience in content development. In this article, we will go through the initiatives that we have taken that allows us to cover the learning curve in a program for those of you who are new to the space and what we are hopeful of. This will require a trip back in time.

The Scene at Orion Online

During this state of the art era of Education, there is an era that is capturing much of the time. The computer labs at schools that offer a wide variety of post-secondary courses are now under pressure to transition to a more automated program. Great schools are looking at a future where you really have to come prepared. As you can probably guess, this will require a shift in education. In order to adapt to this new paradigm, schools and universities will need not only some building on the current skill set of their incoming students, but they will also have to find a way to engage the non-traditional students that have left school in the past. They may have gone to community college, university or a trade school. For example, if you are an Electrical Engineer, today there is no way to reach your certification or degree without at least trying out mechanical engineering at a local 4-year school to get your start in engineering. Today, the 1st year in E-Technology at your local college, engineering or petroleum school (oil & gas, green building, etc) will give you the learning tools and can possibly be the stepping-stone you need to continue to learn.

Since Orion Online is an online learning program, we provide you with that level of attention and education that is required to transition to a real world, professional learning environment. In this case, a professional environment. We have found over time that for students to make the transition seamlessly, they need more than a subject area. They need a world of work that includes different types of success paths, different areas of focus and a mentor. Orion Online gives our students this opportunity.

About Orion Online

Founded in 1998, Orion Online has offered more than 400 online courses from programming (C++, Linux, Java, etc), to database management (SMB, SQL, SQL Server, MySQL, SQL, MySQL Server), to robotics, RFID and electronics engineering. This May 2018, Orion Online ranked #51 in the Princeton Review’s list of Colleges offering the Best Online Programs. Our faculty is entirely volunteer, combining 10-20 years of e-learning experience. Our mission is to support you through your learning journey from discovering your passion to actually completing a program and building your professional reputation in the evolving industry.

We have seen how busy parents who grew up in the current generation of e-learning may not understand what it means to have an E-Technology-based career path. Here’s a thought: The future of automation and the broader trends we are seeing in all technology fields will also make the transition to e-learning that much smoother for today’s students. Consider how often you are dealing with someone who is staying to university just to re-take online courses. Or maybe even find a job as a technician or working in a warehouse, but because they have never done any heavy lifting before, they are using a power drill they don’t know how to operate. These are the types of scenarios that our courses can help solve. People need to be in this space. It is now the norm, and today’s teachers will be preparing the new generation of workers for careers like this. As companies continue to want to expand their base of employees, e-learning is the key. These skills can be found here at Orion Online.

To learn more about the different courses offered, along with different resources and show us what you are capable of, visit our website at

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