Albion Online What Are Learning Points

See your child’s grade with math, social studies and science grades. This is a calculator for elementary schools.

Need a new online learning experience for your children? Here are the top resource sites to use for teens and young adults.

Here is a roundup of the top 5 sites for individuals who are looking for an online experience to enhance their education, grow their careers, and provide a form of self-directed learning. Each of these sites can be tailored to a specific student’s needs, from a high school to a college student.

Digital Best-Seller

If you are seeking to offer your children a high-level online experience to offer you their parents, it’s important to find a site that is geared to high-level digital literacy and Internet safety. Many of the top sites, like Allianz, Serve, and Shakespeare Digest, provide those two core components. Along with these two components, they provide classes in more general areas of learning, such as ethics and art. More specific skills are also offered through the site, like programming or web design. The most comprehensive online learning experience, which has a searchable trove of different courses and backgrounds, is Shakespeare Online.

School Directors’ Academy

K-12 education and online educational institutions have always had a symbiotic relationship, and the teachers association has created a website for that relationship. SEA Online offers the teachers association’s curriculum. With a weekly newsletter and an extensive collection of online resources, the teachers association is an excellent resource for teachers that are working to keep their students and students’ skills up to date and their digital literacy up to date.

Shakespeare! Online

Two Shakespeare journals that have authored an online course about the Bard are combining forces. Before you even start, you must find a Shakespeare Online e-book that you can access offline. Once you do, the relationship becomes fully evident. The authors of the journals are not only behind the project and have no financial stake in it, but they are in their classrooms teaching and critiquing the online course to teachers. The teachers group, so to speak, is in the schools.

National Digital Literacy Institute

The National Digital Literacy Institute offers the highest quality learning materials to its members. The commonwealth government program has successfully trained millions of teachers, along with millions of learners across the country, who have benefitted from not only a well-designed website but also from training and research the NDLI conducts in its physical classroom and online research centers. Along with a full-service interactive program that gives in-depth training in Digital Literacy, the institute offers a robust online course on English learning. The course is of such high quality that it is very difficult to find online. You may also find other free and professional training courses online at NDLI.

University of Pennsylvania

This website offers free tools, instructional videos, and content for online learning. The resources are of high quality and easy to share. The University of Pennsylvania runs the portal and has its extensive content available online. For parents, both from a high school student who is taking it for fun and college students looking for an online learning experience, the U of P online learning portal is a must-visit website.

YouTube! The Educational Channel

YouTube! The Educational Channel provides a collection of all manner of educational programs. YouTube! provides a variety of videos on everything from math and science and culture to etiquette and business skills. There are thousands of videos on YouTube! There are also a few very popular YouTube! star programs, including Glinda the Good Witch, Scott Donaldson, Shonduras, Lulu Baby, and Friends for Better Future.


Every student has heard the phrase “Study time must not begin until you finish studying!” This is a universal true statement. However, let’s face it, time for studying is rarely guaranteed for students, especially when it involves content that is often complex or engaging. With the Xtarian site, you can study any topic at any time, to start at any age, with the focus of education and nothing but the topic at hand.

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