Albion Online How To Use Learning Points

Albion is currently searching for participants to participate in an extensive randomized online learning trial designed to enable the development of “semantic understanding” based machine learning. Qualifying applicants will be invited to participate in two online study sessions that will simulate a first year postsecondary education environment, while providing the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that can enable future performance in professional settings.

Goodbye homework. Hello learning points. Endless application of points to levels of learning helps young kids learn. No more guessing why a piece of homework is not required or on target. Instead, a points system finds the answer, across whatever content that you create.

Albion Online How To Use Learning Points

Making learning fun! Minecraft has developed a place where anybody can play the game. Minecraft students work together to make their own mini-worlds, and learn challenges like emergency planning. As players progress, they are given the opportunity to help each other improve the challenge, as well as earn points. Students can earn points by helping each other: by fixing the addition part of the hammer or purchasing an engine to burn more power, or by using more open source software. Points are given as bonuses by players. This gives players an incentive to enjoy the game rather than to dutifully playing. The more “proper” the player is, the higher the points that they can earn. Every level offers an array of bonus features: villagers, community-minded heroes and lessons designed to help students learn and enjoy their learning. As students go through school, they are rewarded with additional learning points. These points will earn them the opportunity to extend their own world in whatever Lego style build-blocks they have created.

Moreover, learning points are gift cards that students can use at useful places. For example, as the student builds up a lot of points, they may be encouraged to explore alternate quests or incentives offered to them. Similarly, learning points can be used to purchase companions and the ability to use each person as a servant, in the digital universe that they have created. Or, learning points may be used to choose from a system of quirky chat windows or to receive extra missions. Learning points are part of the fabric of the Minecraft universe, and as students build and learn, they become valid representations of themselves or learn objects that will further improve their creations and themes.

Understanding How to Use Learning Points

Great learning points offer fun and work on challenges that students create themselves. Therefore, the idea is that students create the world for themselves. Learning points enable your Minecraft child to create a permanent space of accomplishment and learning. A theme has been created that your student then begins to build upon. Areas of opportunity also emerge: to successfully reach certain challenges, my student now has the possibility of building his or her own town. There are now new options available such as Skyrim adventures. My student has the capability to explore further into the world than before, since, in one way or another, that world is his or her own.

A dual approach to online learning is available. Much of this thinking was pioneered in online universities that offer a dual approach. Similar to how adults take online courses, children can take online instruction and examine courses with peers. Many online courses incorporate assessment, to build confidence and personal mastery. After completing a course, students will be given a certificate and their own free version of the course.

The Learning Object

The object of learning points is to guide a student through a problem. If a student cannot, or will not, solve a challenge, then there is a problem that needs solving, beyond simply doing the right thing. Thus, learning points can be used to test teachers’ intuitions and wisdom in knowing that the time to ask a student to do something is appropriate. This is equally applicable to students. One uses learning points to explore, to puzzle it out and then figure out how to solve the problem. As students stumble on their own, it is time to say “I will do it, the reward for that move is learning points!”

Learning points allow a student to acquire relevant practice and correct assumptions, and to do their work well. The training, the skills, the truth found in the virtual world can be applied to their learning and professional growth, extending the learning into their true world. It is a world where reality does have a student’s fingerprints.

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