Albion Online How To Spend Learning Points

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Albion Online How To Spend Learning Points

*You might be struggling to keep track of how your learning points are allocating in the game, especially since we have 11 + 1 + 3 = 61 levels now. Yeah, the ratios still make sense if you’re fumbling with the Mega, Jewel, and Library of Souls quests.

Albion Online Teaches You How To Spend Your Learning Points

If you’re trying to break up the ranks and gain bonus abilities through social media, don’t worry, Albion Online provides a full tutorial on how to take advantage of the class and build up your skills!

Here are two quick tips, to help you get started!

Create a Steamful of fun and procrastination by playing every dungeon through at least once. A good bet would be 3/6 – 3/4 + 3/8 + 2/5. If you are curious what the difference is, check out this jump to find out.

Colossal, Mega, and Jewel quests usually require more points than other quests.

Then, once you’ve finished all the mega and jewel quests, and all the Artifact quests, and your memory is clear of the typical Templar’s Curse and Sarcophagus Syndrome you might struggle with gathering their tokens, or encounters, or dungeons, or the time you have to wait for them, you have a feeling that you’ve run the limit.

Really, you have been hanging out for now, already building up those surplus points for the skills and perks you want to get access to through other quests, and thinking about the ones you don’t.

So, here are some strategies on how to get more gold so you can both satisfy your hunger and make sure you can learn what you need to for when you come back around!

Join the “Movin’ High” quest!

Have you ever felt like you are being played by robots? It’s a rare thing, to see you move from level 5 to level 10 in a day, or a couple of weeks, especially if you have a penchant for exploring dungeons.

You might feel like a space cadet or a space pilot pilot for a few days, but once you have gotten comfortable with yourself and the adventure, you are ready to break records.

Even though talking to trolls or talking or chasing after the right elevator bar can quickly cost you points in Albion Online, on the other hand, taking the “going high” or the “troll-free” challenge is a smart move. You’re going to see its benefits a lot sooner, and it’s worth the money (maybe two, or three, maybe four times, one time per week of planning to continue with it) to go full tilt for a few weeks.

Get a Bronze Knight via a Loyalty Quest

Even though you’ve already beaten all the Mega and Jewel quests, the Alchemist’s Guide and all the loot quests, now it’s time to go mental again and earn a Bronze Knight badge and the ability to summon a treasure chest. Even better, if you complete the “Stunning the General” quest, you’ll get a Green Knight badge.

Sign up for Loyalty Quest 6: End Credits then they make you in-game gold on day 1 of the quest! Take that 26-O-B in Gold!

Volunteer for your classmates!

Right now, you have a nice groove, and you’re having fun until class ends. You think you’re done, until you realize the next class is up.

I know what you’re thinking, “oh my god, what if the next class is in short supply and I haven’t filled out all of the candidates yet?” This should help to alleviate your concerns, however.

Collecting the required candidates and answering the necessary questions is an easy way to earn bonus points, especially when it’s a “bow and arrow” or a “bat and reel”! If you have to change your ability during class, it’s a great opportunity to earn extra points.

This article by Ori Mora for Albion Online is part of an ongoing series. If you would like to learn more, please visit our content page.

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