Albion Online How To Get More Learning Points

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Albion Online How To Get More Learning Points

Albion Online, the only ClassAct branded membership program in Seattle offers a winning alternative to adults trying to fulfill their collegiate and professional aspirations. Members can now unlock up to $2000 a year in scholarships to learn and grow in ways that no outside resource can. Here’s how.

Finding success in business requires the ability to discover and master new skills, even within the confines of a conventional vocational system. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be some seven million job openings and an additional six million job openings that remain unfilled by 2020, leading to a future demand for 200,000 additional workers to fill these opportunities. Several degrees and certifications are a good start, but there is always room for further education.

Albion Online is a service designed with learners in mind. Designed to cater to adults who were once students but have since moved on to new jobs, Albion Online offers a unique online and immersive learning experience. By upgrading to membership, they gain access to the biggest annual scholarship fund of any online source of learning in the world. Paired with the generous scholarship opportunity, the growing cost of post-secondary education presents a tremendous opportunity for adults to pursue meaningful careers.

Individuals who have completed a course within the members’ educational program receive immediate notification of their scholarship eligibility. Each such individual will have access to a scholarship application guide for his or her application and will have the opportunity to request to join up to 10 additional courses. Applicants can choose among the most advanced courses within several subject areas, such as accounting, marketing, management, software, law, healthcare, cybersecurity, etc. Enrollment decisions are made by the scholars themselves. Adult learners know that top and established companies like Amazon, Expedia, LinkedIn, Marriott, Sephora, Symantec, TechTarget, and many others have chosen to partner with Albion Online. Founded in 2000, this is one of the earliest companies to use the online cloud and cellular internet to enable adult learners in need of more training opportunities to learn new skills for their careers.

With a networking group of other adult learners, students will be able to meet with other professionals and peers that are in need of additional training opportunities.

Taking advantage of scholarships helps adults gain access to the skills that they need to succeed in their current job as well as their future jobs. In addition to serving this need, membership into the program offers immediate access to the latest business courses, including employment and sales training, as well as cybersecurity courses to help qualify individuals for jobs in our increasingly cyber-savvy economy. For individuals to be successful in careers in sales, marketing, programming, and a host of other fields, they need access to talent. In today’s highly competitive environment, adults need to be able to quickly present themselves as marketable candidates.

Every adult who has attempted to upgrade their skills or improve their opportunities in their current job appreciates the value of the amount of scholarships that Albion Online offers for its members. This scholarship offers members the opportunity to master more new skills, put in more hours, and gain greater advantage when they apply for new jobs. The basic membership allows for up to $1500 in scholarship education opportunities per year. The more content the scholar decides to add to his or her membership, the more money they can potentially gain from student scholarships. The amount of scholarship money awarded and the number of student members can be a little frustrating if the applicant has limited resources to pay for it, but the increased learning and driving of their new skills are, after all, worth the investment.

If you are an adult business owner or a recent college graduate looking to improve your skills and have taken a break from your education, contact Albion Online to find out more about enrolling in the club.

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