Albion Online How To Buy Learning Points

What are Learning Points?
Most people know how the purchasing/shopping for games is done today – this purchase can often times be done by some sort of group email going out to customers in order to drive sales.

Albion Online, the leader in online learning management system solutions, has released their new, optimised format for players. One of the most popular features is the introduction of paid rated functionality, which will allow the new players to earn points on their free games just like other players. This is also the first time the player acquisition system has been optimised.

How can this be done?

One of the main weaknesses of the older version of the Albion app was that, when players acquired points, they had to spend their points. That’s a problem, because you don’t win without spending money on whatever game you’re playing. The mobile version of the Albion app is nearly all about easy access to the practice and activity calendar. Instead of spending money, players will be able to use their points to get new achievements and receive world leaderboard credits, without even leaving the game.

How can you earn points?

For those who want to start making use of points, the players who use the new Albion App can earn points right from their first moment they unlock. Although the points have already been earned, players will need to go through a lengthy and difficult registration process to activate their points. After completing the registration process, they can start earning points by completing activities in the main menu. As an avid Albion player, you’ll recognise these activities pretty well and will immediately know where to go to earn your points.

For example, you can engage in the daily chores of the game and complete the activity to earn points for the different house categories. This skill should be made pretty much automatic by now, since it’s intuitive and should be very easy to utilize. Because there are always hundreds of “house tasks”, performing these activities seems very easy. However, it wouldn’t be fair to say that it’s straightforward. The best way to get into it is to make sure that you know the kind of activities you’re capable of performing, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you below:

How can you play with others?

Albion’s loyalty programme is, by far, the best feature in this app, if you’re into collecting points. When you buy online that will be taken as a new player for Albion. Even when you redeem your points, when you play with your friends, you’ll all get points, and we guarantee that they will get more points than you. Finally, you don’t need to worry about who will get more points, because it’s probably up to the point of who plays with the most friends.

That is the background, but now we need to show you a screenshot of the user interface:

What about the “Game Book”?

Once you have managed to earn your points, you may be wondering what will happen when you want to discover a game that you know will likely get you more points. Well, that’s why Albion built its Game Book, a comprehensive game guide that will help the players explore new games. When you open up the Game Book, you’ll discover a recommendation button that will show you what’s going on in a particular game, just like you would on any other site.

All these points, rewards, and redeemable codes can be used to purchase a number of content from Albion’s worldwide Marketplace. The items can be redeemed with any of the many channels.

What about unicorn play?

To be clear, we mean that they cannot be used only for game play, but even for activities such as shopping, purchasing, and other accomplishments. Although some players may not find these activities interesting, many others find them pretty engaging. Furthermore, with the nature of the App, which makes it very simple to explore new games, shopping, purchasing, and even make offers, players should really find the chance to get something out of it. It’s really rather easy to make purchases without running through dozens of pages, in just a few seconds.

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