Albion Online How Do You Get Learning Points

Albion Online learning is like schooling that was just a little bit smarter and a little bit quicker. Here are all the details and an easier way to put into practice how you can get learning points at Albion Online.

In this series we meet a bevy of comedy in-the-works plus tell you what it takes to make it in Hollywood today. First we were introduced to Nick Newman, who created the terrifyingly popular YouTube series “Foot Locker.” Then we heard from former “Saturday Night Live” writer and producer Jon Poll, and now we’ve chatted with the insanely talented Michaela Watkins. (As a huge fan of hers, I have totally forgotten what “Netflix & Chill” was a few years ago. It’s awful! What did you do?) Though she gave an early thumbs-up for Tony Scott and Ridley Scott’s flick Black Hawk Down, Watkins missed out on the Oscars this year for her work in the Zendaya-led flick. Find out how she caught the pilot for Whiskey Cavalier and how she learned to play exaggerated characters.

How did you get your start in comedy?

I didn’t get my start until I was 22 years old. I actually left the theater with my friend because we thought there was only room for women in theater. After we left, we met a woman we had worked with on a play we did and that’s when I started working a little bit. I started really working on and off again when I was 28, and then I really blew it out when I was about 30.

What’s it like working with professional talent?

It’s amazing. It’s crazy. Just working with comedy world, that’s some very accomplished people that are willing to read your materials and get on a flight when they’re offered. People start working at a young age for very good reasons. People just like it.

Did you watch SNL while you were on it?

I did. It’s funny, I’ll get stuff about from my agent, and there’s a hundred offers for sitcoms and comedic specials. I am definitely not booked for anything in that vein. Sometimes they just say they’re open to jokes in a new way or finding more original jokes. I think they go on to make shows and stuff like that. It’s funny, they liked I was the first person from “SNL” to create a parody show on YouTube so it had to be a parody of it. That’s kind of like me, right? The same thing happened with my book. They really liked that. I also played Joan Rivers in her book My Life on the D-List, and they never sent it to me, but I got it and it was a really great thing.

What was it like to work on TV?

Weta Workshop. Just a whole other level of technology and computer things and stories. They produced all of the worlds. It was just awesome. Black Hawk Down, I didn’t know how to play Walter. I would look at the scenes and it would take so long for us to get in and we would be like, “What just happened?” They’d say, “This is a scene you have to pretend like he’s laying down. It’s this position or that position or this posture.” It’s been a ride, but I’ll tell you, it’s fun. I’m super excited. I love movies. I love everything. I’m so excited. It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly TV show like that. I really wanted to! I haven’t had the opportunity to do a show like that. I was gonna do an unscripted TV show called “Girls Are Devils,” and it fell through at the last minute. I’m so glad I’m on a weekly show, because I really want to try things.

Would you want to do a show like that now?

I feel like that was the same way to try stuff. Sometimes if I’m doing anything it just kind of takes off and just runs. I think that’s what happens a lot on TV. It’s like it just comes and goes. It’s good stuff, it’s just not on the same radar yet.

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