Albion Online How Do I Use Learning Points

The basics of mowing a grass field, keeping your skis clean, and how to climb a tree. Have questions?

Albion Online How Do I Use Learning Points

I am an English major on the road to becoming a career writer. For months, I’ve been scratching my head about how I’m going to make the leap into writing a career online in 2018. The crisis only added to my despair as the summer came to a close and I had no way to determine if I would be able to finish the courses I promised myself I would.

I was deeply afraid I was going to give up. After all, who in their right mind would try learning to write online? It’s a $60/month program, it takes weeks to finish and most of you know I have a small bed, not a giant desk, that takes up too much space. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that I would be spending money I wasn’t making doing it.

I, too, have had to put on a brave face in my other online life – as a writer in the trenches – trying to remain upbeat as I watched my LinkedIn page grow and grow and grow like Crazy in the Desert. My online writing had become nothing more than an expression of my real life. I had figured that now I would have to stop self-publishing for real because of the increasing cost. This was the end of it. I would never actually become a published author, even if I could get past the website building phase.

Then, my course started. I have made a three-year commitment to give it my all, and this is one of the many ways I will make it worth it. Before I started my course, I read extensively on available online writing resources, such as content marketing and writing blogs. In the first week, I made a plan of action. I chose a group that would challenge me, which I could influence with my service.

Once I figured out the specific groups I’d be going with, I developed an app (using the Slack app) and schedule. Using the app to record sessions and reminders helped me save time. This week I went through the first step of the initial 3-step program: getting the basics. The first four sessions focused on advanced search skills and grammar usage. This month, I’ll cover sample sentences, etc.

Each week, there are more advanced modules. I expected to be exposed to more terms and words, but was pleasantly surprised. I also got to look at examples of successful content with powerful and persuasive messaging. I’m learning more of the ability to write without an agenda. This is my second and last month in the initial session.

For my next session, I’m switching over to creating subheadings for my own posts. I was initially skeptical at the idea, but then thought this was another addition of my plan to try to remain positive. Each session I’ve been spending about 15 minutes working on this last module. I’m learning a different skill each time, and this one is helping me with summarizing and the niceties of typography.

Even though I didn’t know my way around networking, I’ve been in weekly meetings with an online mentor, and having people that know me well tell me they were amazed at the ability I showed at mastering my first two modules. The more I do online learning, the more supportive I feel that I’ll meet my goals.

This may have been my first time doing a course, but I’m in the third session of my first online-writing program. I thought there was no way I’d be able to give it my all, but I have persisted and continued to push myself, even if I fall on my face sometimes. I’m learning so much that I have been able to meet a colleague who’s doing online learning and helping me raise my writing game.

It is slowly dawning on me that I can learn this discipline. I’m going to drop everything I was doing in the books and get with the game of online learning. I have learned a lot about communication and writing through this course, and now I have a responsibility to continue learning. If you think you need to give up other things for online learning, check out this article I did on the OfficeTeam website about “What to Do When the Best and the Brightest Get Your Job.” You’ll learn many reasons why you should not.

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