Albion Online How Do I Get Learning Points

We started out with 432 different Elements & Classes to decide which ones are right for you and should be part of your school.

Albion Online How Do I Get Learning Points

How do I Get Learning Points? So you’ve chosen to be a Dragon-killer and you’re jetting off to a new university to learn all of your Krennic backstory (and, you guessed it, some thing called “math” in your curriculum.) Luckily, the Guild means this while serving you up a healthy helping of academic cactus.

How to get learning points

Despite the massive amount of schools that offer courses (so much so that it can seem confusing and daunting), it’s easy to forget how many different university options there are in America. Getting total schooling points is far from a simple task, but with one simple answer, you’ll be off to slay the darkness and earn the educational credits you’ll need.

Grab some software

It’s one thing to find all the courses at a single university, but it’s another thing to know how to access them. That’s where the Guild makes things way easier. There are going to be apps and websites out there that offer access to all of these different campus intranets, and instead of trying to find it one by one you can look for the Guild.

The Guild actually has a huge team of experts that specialize in making sure that all of these different schools are taking full advantage of the Guild–and what is the Guild if not the foremost source of information about these amazing universities, right?

Once you’ve discovered the many options out there for getting your points, check out this 4 easy steps for making sure you don’t miss out on your credits.

Part 1: Setup your account

Enter your email address at Guild, sign in and you’ll have the option to download an app that will help you keep track of your progress in completing the 13 different courses on which you’ll earn school credits.

Part 2: Add points to your list

Eventually you’ll find that there are likely going to be a number of courses that you’ve never heard of in the first place, that are so distinct in nature that you can’t be bothered with using a certain word in a professor’s course description. Instead, there’s always the Garage, which is where the Guild brings these courses all the way together. After completing all of the courses you’re interested in, you’ll get a number of email alerts which will update you on the date when your classes will begin.

Part 3: Go ahead and sign up

Once you’ve made sure you’ve arrived to the great institution of yours and signed in correctly with your Guild email account, you’ll finally be able to start making your way through the hundreds and hundreds of courses. With your basic basics covered, you’ll be prompted to add some additional numbers and fields, such as: a recent exam result, your GPA, whether or not you are enrolled in your courses, any personal information, so you can make sure you can ultimately update the entire list in a timely fashion and make sure the points you’ve earned really count.

The final section will need to deal with another function of course catalogs. Whether it’s the Grid or the Glory of Kings, you’ll find that the schools will often include pages which have numbers for you to fill out and add onto your list of credits. After you’ve completed all of your courses and get yourself back into a decent point position, you’ll have the option to either download the Grid or Glory of Kings and start making your way through those for your finishing credits.

The hope is that by doing all of the individual, little duties like adding points and filling out your course catalog you can ultimately earn enough points for the full university award that you’ve been looking for.

So before you quit your job, start your bio and jet off to a new city, you’ll want to check out the Guild. It’s one of the most extensive resources that you’ll find, and it will serve you well in the pursuit of getting your college degree.

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