Affinity Online: How Connection And Shared Interest Fuel Learning Chapter 6

Students don’t need to enroll in the same classes as their classmates. They just need to commit to their own passion and increase their time in these classes.

Learning is most often fun and enjoyable with fellow classmates. Once there are a wide range of knowledge under one’s command, taking classes together can be like no other. This is made even more possible when members of a class attend classes together, making it an especially satisfying experience.

A majority of brands in online education think that teaching is expensive and that a small class size will provide an efficient learning experience. But there are many organizations that believe that increased staff size is the key to greater efficiency and unparalleled quality.

Motivate students into learning

Why don’t students usually attend class, if it is an expensive undertaking, but if there are other ways to connect to and motivate them? All of the greatest feats in history have been accomplished by highly motivated individuals. Individuals that are motivated in all ways, especially when they see that they are making a difference.

Because the online portion of an education is cheaper than at a university and at a lesser scale, educators and students could be entering more direct conversations and conversations that will foster learning and personal growth.

Motivate individuals to be passionate about education

Studies have shown that there are individuals who place the same amount of importance on learning as there are on their current career goals. This powerful motivation is something that online education can provide to individuals.

It is not that there is not a reason for change. In fact, there are numerous reasons for individuals to pursue new interests or talents. If someone has a proven desire and passion for learning, then they can be transformed by high quality online classes.

Unfortunately, some individuals may have a more difficult time with the learning process. They may find it harder than it used to be to learn. They may also wish to teach students about their experience. Online education can be an awesome resource for individuals who want to be role models and share what they have learnt.

An individual can be a great teacher by having a solid understanding of what they have learned and what they will learn next. If the applicant is motivated by learning and their passion is clear, then you can set a tone for this type of teaching.

Utilize connections to increase learning

Having connections is key to helping people learn. Very few people believe that an online learning experience will enhance their own skills and abilities. Therefore, group activities are a great way to bolster the learning experience.

So what kind of activities can you offer that will make learning fun, rewarding, and rewarding?

Join online groups that make you a part of the community

Online groups often have a wider range of people, which can help with higher interaction and better learning experiences.

For example, one of the nicest online groups I found at KirkLand had students connecting through their mutual love of Texas Rangers Baseball.

Members engaged in common activities including creation of video updates on the Rangers, presenting videos of their Rangers-related adventures, and even promotional events such as the upcoming Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

It is easy to create worthwhile member activities, which makes the experience more enriching and also fun.

Invite students from other groups

Another tactic that can increase your learning experience is inviting students from different online groups to join you. This gives you a greater variety of experiences, providing endless learning possibilities.

Students can do everything from share information about their experiences to other classes, answer questions, and compare notes. This kind of activity helps the members bond, making learning truly memorable.

Be connected to the community

In addition to having connections, it is important to be connected to the community as well. You can improve your learning experience by building meaningful connections within the larger community.

Visit the online community leaders, and simply make friends. Even if the students do not know who you are, you will likely still make an impact. Many of the online educators are fantastic at creating connections that form genuine connections.

Participate in projects and community events

You may have participated in a class or workshop at one time. These will inevitably leave a mark on students and will make the learning experience even more enjoyable. Online classes will never be complete without making a meaningful impact on students and the community.

Throughout the semester, participate in various projects and activities that will have an impact on the students and the community. The time you are not on site can provide students with much-needed connections.

Manage social media

Your Facebook Page should be a haven for all things educational. It should be open and engaging. Not only should you be promoting your course offerings, but you should also be inviting and connecting students with peers in online classes.

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