According To Your Textbook,why Are Self-reflection And Monitoring Important In Online Learning?

This article was originally published on November 6, 2018 in POPSUGAR  and is republished here with permission.

According To Your Textbook,why Are Self-reflection And Monitoring Important In Online Learning?

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As a teacher, I like to think about how to use a technology-based solution in a way that comes from how students best use it and for how long, and for whom they learn best. It’s easy to say that learning should be done by students and teachers in the same place and at the same time. However, such a stance doesn’t quite work on so many levels, such as security, user needs, workload, and time. Fortunately, many of the best ideas for using tools like distance learning have centered around three things:

Engaging students

Self-reflection is huge in online learning. It’s not just for students to make themselves responsible for their own learning, and it’s not just for teachers to collect student mistakes. Instead, self-reflection is a way for students and teachers to come together and take action.

Sometimes this means students have to work to take the initiative, and other times it means teachers have to structure a learning process to make sure those students are aware of their mistakes. Self-reflection leads to self-education, which leads to learning and ownership. And, ultimately, most importantly, it leads to sharing your strengths, proving your competence, and having confidence in yourself.

Managing Expectations

We’ve heard from some pretty weird start-ups about having you learn a skill by reading a textbook, learning a skill by looking at a Web tutorial, and learning a skill by completing a studentwork assessment. Usually, these start-ups approach learning differently. In some cases, you might do a physical test on paper, but don’t do an assessment in person. But with online learning, some of the best options are the same.

All of these options come down to manager expectations. But self-reflection and managing expectations are just two of many ways online learning can address this issue. Others include crafting experiential learning around goals rather than static learning for non-fulfillment, creating real-time feedback loops for good teachers, and using several different forms of feedback for a lesson.

Engaging Students

Don’t let people tell you that online learning is about failure. Perhaps the best way to tackle this attitude is by reminding people that a much-beloved favorite quote from Marc Mallory goes something like this:

“Unlike many of today’s bad educators, Mallory saw education as a method to achieve knowledge and success. A method, in fact, that fostered real personal growth.”

This quote speaks to what works best for students: autonomous, self-learning. This piece-by-piece approach to learning as a learning method works really well because when students fully understand a concept, then they can look at it critically and learn from their mistakes.

Managing Time

A lot of online learning approaches and plans out a schedule of hours and days for students to do a lesson online. However, letting a lesson cycle endlessly allows students to miss assignments, to leave messages for teachers, to sneak in friends at different points, to fall behind on homework, and so on.

Rather than having a rigid process, self-learning methods often allow students to advance and regroup over time, shifting where time is actually spent. However, sometimes that’s not possible. There are a few hours every day when working online doesn’t align with actual work, and that’s when it’s important to put the learning wheels to bed.

You won’t find yourself having a certain hour each day, for example, where you need students to stay and work for a certain amount of time. Students should use online learning to progress and plan their college or university career. This is not a set-piece session of learning. Instead, it’s about planning, adapting, evolving, and growing. But sometimes, we can’t control every individual micro-situation we encounter in an online learning environment.

So, yes, managers and teachers will need to be the ones who make those decisions and implement the right procedures, but students and parents also need to help.

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