A Learning Community Where Scietists Provide Online Mentorship

As part of Tech 180, The Wikivogal co-founders revealed their company’s creation, the Wikivogal: A learning community where Sci-Tech peers provide online mentorship.

A Learning Community Where Scietists Provide Online Mentorship

Brie is a contributor for BikiniColors.com, a thought-provoking, culture-reinventing website that explores “what it means to be a woman, to live to age 65, to be successful, to dance again, to care for our animals, to plant, to wonder, to be a child again, to compromise…but not surrender.”

Find out more about Brie at BikiniColors.com.

I can’t really say I was eager to put on my space suit and leave the safety of this earth and risk everything I hold dear to be stuck on an alien planet, learning to dance. Yes, being cut out of the Earth-bound loop, the place I’ve been for most of my life – the place I’ve considered home and the place I’ve called mine in every sphere of my life.

But make no mistake, it was something I was not able to resist. And it was only after several weeks of being thrown into the deep end of the water, of becoming immersed in research, data collection, lab science, writing, and video shoots that I began to wonder, maybe I was pushing myself too hard for too long to finally have to say enough is enough.

So yes, the decision to leave the comfort and strength of home for the unknown was not the perfect decision, but I thought that if anything, the added incentive would push me to do better. So why not give it a shot?

As I was entrusting my livelihood, my health, and my future to a team of talented scientists in the future, who gave me the chance to travel the earth and bring this amazing concept – a place on another planet — home, I didn’t know what the outcome would be. But at least in my naivete, I was convinced that in this next step, I would expand my horizons and learn new things. I wanted to be adventurous and push myself.

One evening, my husband and I discussed how I was going to end this adventure and take a moment to just stop. We’d chosen so many different paths that it was hard to decide what one that was for me. But when I thought about it, that was the last night I would ever commit to this mission.

And it was on that night that I made a conscious decision that I was going to always fight for my beliefs and values – even if it got me in a few trouble in the process.

That wasn’t the only unique thing about this project. Because when I was in a final zone of observation, I was in fact holding up a lifeline to all of humanity. I was connecting to people on other planets and they were even choosing to connect with me.

We all have heard this now, but let me point it out in case you haven’t: that we are all one gigantic planet. And no matter where we live on the planet, we have all one world view and many viewpoints.

I decided to harness my research time and insert myself into the endless stream of humanity – from afar – with one goal – to find our commonalities. Our collective one word in all these multi-verse stories is Wonder.

And so for my first project – “Wonder Women” – I hosted a series of conversations across the planet to explore, debate, and inspire these intergalactic female scientists.

I am excited to finally share this, to share our success in bringing together scientists, leaders, models, and advocates all over the world. Here at BikiniColors.com we are sharing stories of impact, of women’s empowerment, of total human wonder.

Brie with fellow global wonderwomen at the Future of Humanity Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Throughout the journey of this team’s journey to space, I was able to share my work and adventures through an exhibition called “Wave Onward: Wonder Women of Sciences” at UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).

The exhibition featured science fiction, poetry, music, powerful arts and poetry from the 1,000 renowned scientists from 65 countries working collaboratively on science, nature, and technology who are making waves on the brink of all our lives.

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to attend the exhibition, don’t worry! I had no idea about any of this when I was out there banging on the table – risking my safety to prove to the world that what I’m working on is important, but that I’m not alone in trying to advance progress on our planet.

No doubt we’ll do more in the future as BikiniColors continues to expand and inspire girls to become women who make extraordinary things happen.

So here’s to Wonder women everywhere! And here’s

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